Lorccan is 60!

Song of the Post:  Death – Crystal Mountain

So my shadow priest is now the big 60 and it feels great!  I was able to get him to 60 in 2 weeks which is crazy!  Lorccan was the first character to go through the Refer-a-Friend program along with my wife’s fire mage.  She then gave 29 levels (found out its only 29 instead of 30, but who cares?) to my mage, so he is now 57, so i almost got two 60s!  Craziness.

We are now going to start our second set of characters.  We are doing a rogue (me) and a druid (my wife).  I think we should be able to blow through with these characters real quick.  I actually decided to go with a human for a rogue because someone told me for arenas, perception is pretty big.  I definitely did not want to do a NE, so I was going between a human and a dwarf.  And because I hate how the male humans looked, I rolled a female.  So this will be a bit different for me since I have never leveled a female character.

We only played for about 30 min or so and got them to level 6, but I think I will enjoy the rogue.  Should definately be interesting for sure, especially I basically get to play as a better version of cat form.  And of course I can help my wife with her druid since my main is a druid. 

That’s all I got for now.  I am still working on two series that I want to get out.  One is my first attempt at some sort of guide and the other is just something fun.  Hopefully I can get these out soon.

Peace and hair grease.


Bald is so metal!

Song of the Post:  Thunderstone – Forevermore

PvP tip of the week: If you do not have an epic helm, hide it.

Last night I did some 5v5s with my Hunter just so we could get our 10 games in due to some of my guildies will not be around until Labor Day weekend.  I was pretty pumped since I am really liking PvP with my hunter and I want to try to get better since I am still new to mastering hunters in PvP.

Now I dont have the best gear yet, I only have 3 PvP pieces so far (S2 Crossbow, S2 Shoulders and S3 Axe) but I seem to manage decently in the BGs (usually about 5th or 6th in damange done).  I have been busy between RL commitments and my Refer-a-Friend character that I havent had a chance to get more gear, but I am pretty close to getting the belt.  Hopefully with some more arena points I can pick up either the S3 helm or chest, but I might be leaning more towards the helm.  Heres why.

For our first couple of games, I was immediately targeted by the opposition and K.O.S.  At first I thought “Heh its probably because I am a Draenei Hunter.”  But then my teammate mentioned I did not have a PvP helm (I have this stupid blue quality helm that looks like a crown).  That made much more sense!  They see that I am not a fully equipped player.  So in their eyes they see fresh meat!  Easy kill!  DIE DRAENEI!!!!!

Anyways I figured I would hide my helm to see if that helped at all.  Turns out it kinda did.  The next 2 matches I was not their first target and we won those!  Dont know if it was all because of the helm, but I can at least think it was :).  We ended our 10 game with a 5-5 record.  Not too bad considering I am still kinda undergeared and our healer was in a hotel room playing with a latency of 1k or more.  Yikes!

I think I may have an idea of an actual series I may do.  I am sure other people have done this before, but I figured I could do my own version.  Stay tuned!

Character Theme Songs

Song of the Post: Marty Friedman – Fuel Injection Stingray

So I just couldn’t resist posting on this topic from Blog Azeroth!  These are probably going to be more based on the actual music more than their meaning since I am not a huge lyrics person.  Its hard to choose just one song, but I will try.

Loupe:  Manowar – Warriors of the World United.  This is what I hear in my head when I am ready to start tanking an instance.  Its got a march theme to it and just gets me pumped before a raid.  Lyrics are kinda corny, but it also fits with Warcraft at the same time.  STAND AND FIGHT TOGETHER!

Lorkey:  Iron Maiden – Be Quick or Be Dead.  The title says it all.  Fits perfectly with my PvP centric hunter.  Fast paced, adrenaline rush type of music.

Surprised?  Metal songs for my characters?  Nooooooo Really?!

Brutally Honest

Song of the Post: Arch Enemy – Revolution Begins

So yes, I have started this blog and I already screwed up.

I broke one of the rules when starting a blog that I need to have a subject for my blog.  Whether it be about a specific class, RPing, PvP, or whatever.  My blog?  Its just about WoW in general, my thoughts about WoW and the stuff I am doing in game I suppose.

When I was considering making a blog, I did not want to pigeon hole myself into a specific class.  I mean I love my druid, don’t get me wrong, but there are plenty of druid specific blogs out there that I do not need to do that.  I do have a new 70 hunter that I have been playing mostly as of late, however it is an alt and, again, plenty of great hunter blogs out there.

So besides my thoughts and opinions on classes and WoW in general, the thing I thought of that I could bring to the table is my passion for music.  If I am not on Vent, I have my music blaring through my headphones.  PvPing while the heavy riffs of In Flames, Pantera, Megadeth or Iron Maiden are blasting in my ears gets me pumped!  Of course I listen to some other genres, but metal is what flows through my blood.  So I thought, why not combined WoW and music?  Hence the name of my blog.

Will this mean i will be making music that is WoW themed?  Possibly.  I play the guitar so anything is possible.  Could be parodies, could be original music, who knows?  At this point, I am having fun writing this blog and I am just going to go with the flow.  Hopefully I can get access to a free photo editing program so I can put some pictures up and a logo.

Character Sheet:

  • Loupe is just sitting around Shat, doing nothing really.  He really wants to tank something, but alas, the guild is still on a raiding hiatus.  He wants to break some faces!!
  • Lorkey purchased his S3 Axe last night!  So far he has the S2 shoulders and crossbow.  Hopefully he will be able to get the Guardian’s belt at some point this weekend
  • Lorccan has been getting a lot of attention lately due to the Refer-A-Friend program.  He hit 32 last night along with his wifey mage Squirtie.  Now that he is starting to go deeper in the shadow tree, it is getting a lot of fun!  The leveling rate is going super fast and he hopes to be 60 soon so he can melt faces in the Outlands.  Brutal.
  • And good ol’ Wrathbringer, hasn’t been logged into in a long time ::cries::.  R.I.P bud!

Just remember, The Duncan will awake you from a thousand deaths!  Seriously.

Whats the big deal?

Song of the Post: Iced Earth – I Walk Alone (Can’t wait for the new album!)

Blizzard is now receiving $15 more a month from my wife and I.

In case you did not know, Blizzard has implemented a revamped Recruit-A-Friend program.  In a nutshell, you refer a friend to a trial account and if they decide to upgrade to a full account, you and your friend will received a few benefits for the next 90 days:

  • Triple XP if you are grouped up with your new friend (including quests). 
  • Your new friend will be able to give one of your characters a level every time they level up twice, however the character must be below their current level (So essentially, the new friend could give out 30 levels at level 60 pending your other character is below level 60).
  • The ability to summon each other to whatever location they are at.
  • All of the above stops once their character hits 60.
  • Oh, and some Zebra mount you can get if they stay the full 90 days.

So I was talking with an old buddy of mine about this new program and how people can either multi-box or have another WoW player open a second account and transfer the characters after the 90 days with this new system.  I found it VERY intriguing.  I have been wanting to play other classes, but have no desire to level in the old world anymore.  I have been playing this game for way too long and I do not feel like going through that again.  So, I pitched the idea to my wife and she was gun-ho about it since she wanted to try out a mage.  So we bought another copy of WoW (which is only 30 bucks now with the original game plus expansion, very nice) and got the refer-a-friend program rolling.

I rolled a Dwarf Priest so we could have some heals and I like playing priests better in a group instead of solo.  My wife rolled a Gnome Mage. To give you an idea of how fast this leveling is, we picked up the first quest.  By the time the both of us collected enough to turn in the quest, we were both about 25% into level 3.  CRAZINESS!! 

I was so excited about this.  I had everything planned out on what I wanted to do.  I had a level 26 mage sitting in the wings ready to receive his 30 levels.  At the rate we are going right now, we should be level 60 WAY before our 90 days are up.  We started this project Saturday night and have played about 8 hours or so (pending idle time and what not).  So we can start another set of characters and level up more classes and try to get our moneys worth of buying an extra copy of WoW plus the monthly fee.  I was feeling pretty good about it.

Until I told my guildmates about what I was doing.  I got all kinds of comments from them. 

  • “What a waste of money”
  • “Power levelers”
  • “Cheaters”
  • “Insta 60s?  Might as well buy an account that has a 70 already.”
  • “So bascially you are buying level 60 characters?  That is dumb.”
  • “What you are doing is just as bad as buying gold”

The last one got me really pissed.  How is that like buying gold?  HOW?! 

So where is my money going to?  Its going to Blizzard, not some company that is associated with hacking accounts.  That is just ridiculous.  I do not understand why they are mad about it.  Is it really that bad of a thing to do?  You know Blizzard planned on people doing this.  And I know they dont care, because in the end, they are just getting more money from you.  And I am happy to do so.

But they also do not understand that its not an instant 60 either.  You do have to sit there and go through quest and kill mobs.  It just takes less time.  I honestly would not want an instant priest because I would have no idea how to play one.  Even though we are leveling really fast, my wife and I are still learning our classes and what spells we need to use to survive 5 pulls.  The only reason I dont mind giving those extra 30 levels to the alt mage I have is that I already have a 70 mage on the Horde side.  I know how to play a mage.  And I dont feel like going through the leveling phase again.  I do not feel like I am a cheater.

I know there are some people that play this game to just level characters and I think that is fantastic.  The game should be what you want from it.  Me, I want to play around with all the classes without having to level every single one up.  This way, I have characters that are level 60 and I will have 20 levels to go once Wrath comes out.  There is still plenty to learn about a class with those 20 levels.

So to all of those people that want to talk down on me about using the Refer-A-Friend to level some characters, I give the big fat SHOCKER to you!

I am not a writer

Song of the Post:  Trivium – Iron Maiden (just recently heard this cover, it is killer!)

So then, why am I writing a blog?

I should probably start with how I found out about blogging about Warcraft in the first place.  You see, I had been playing my horde mage for 2 years, raiding the 40 mans and some of the 10/25 man content during that time and I was burnt out.  I needed a break from the insanity!  So some of my close friends started playing Warcraft on a different server so I figured I would make the jump and start fresh (even though they rolled Alliance, but thats OK I forgive them.)  I decided on a Druid to originally be a healer based on the group make up we had.  Once our characters got into the outlands, we merged with another guild who had very smiliar goals as us:  To have enough people to run just 5 man/10 man content and be a casual group.  It was and still has been a perfect fit, but we had no tanks due to one of my friends who rolled a warrior quit the game.  They had some healers so we were set in that department.  So I decided to switch to feral and learn about tanking.

But I had no clue what I was doing!  What I went through during my “lrn2droodtank” process:

“Gee, look at this Growl button, I think that is good for something”

 “So Swipe doesn’t equal perma aggro on everything??”

“And Swipe breaks CC?  Really?”

“I can’t just run in the middle of all of those mobs and survive?  I thought I was a tank!?”

“Lacerate?  I actually get to use that?”


And my personal favorite as well as my guildmates:

“Dammit guys, I am sorry I know why we wiped 3 times on the first pull.  I had my kitty gear on :(“

Good times, good times.

So I figured it was time to do some research.  The first thing that I can accross was a gear guide that had a very strange, but true to druid tanking name for a blog.  That, if you guessed it, is The Big Bear Butt. I was very impress with how he had everything laid out, so I checked out some other articles he had in regards to “face tanking” and I found them to be very helpful and helped me become a better tank.  So much, in fact that about a couple of weeks later, I was able to off tank in Kara with no problems at all.

Anyways I would consider BBB a gateway drug that led me to other fantastic blogs to read (Just check my Blogroll.)  It was then I was introduced to a new podcast The Twisted Nether Blogcast.  It is a fantastic podcast that talks about the Warcraft blogging community that I had no idea exsisted.  Breana and Fimlys do a great job and have good chemistry with each other.  They also bring to the table something different from the other WoW podcasts.  I really like hearing about all the other bloggers and their stories.

So between how helpful and good of a community the blogsphere can be, I wanted to be involved.  Hopefully I can bring something different to the table and share my experiences from my perspective.


What to do, what to do

Song of the Post: Apocalyptica – Grace

So I should probably start out with what I am currently doing in the game and what my intentions are with my characters until the expansion comes out.

Currently my tanky tank Loupe is on hiatus until we start getting more of my guild to come on to do Kara or ZA.  There are a lot of people not coming on because, like many other guilds during this time, its summer.  People go out and see the sunlight for a change, which is definately a good thing. I am not so worried about it because I have become a casual player as of late.  Back in the day when it was all about MC and BWL (yeah I have been playing this game for too long!), I would put in 5 hour raid sessions 3-4 times a week.  Not being able to leave during that time?  Massive amounts of hours before and after the raid gathering mats for the raid?  Been there, done that.  My hardcore days are long gone, but maybe in another post I can go into detail about my days pre-BC.

Currently I have been playing my newly level 70 hunter Lorkey.  I leveled this character up mainly to be my gatherer and to possibly have him supply Loupe for the upcoming expansion.  Loupe is an Enchanter/Tailor (yeah yeah I know, a Druid with Tailoring??  WTF??) and I was thinking of dropping Tailoring when the expansion comes out and try out the new Inscription profession.  It definately looks interesting.

But I have found another something to do with my WoW time while we are on a 10-man hiatus: PvP with Lorkey.  Time for some lovely BG chat!

So far, it is definately interesting learning a whole new class, yet also getting into the PvP mindset.  I have always done PvE content since I started playing this game back in April ’05.  So this is a whole new territory for me.  I have gotten him the season 2 shoulders so far and hope to continue upgrading him between BG and Arena gear.  I will be posting updates on my progress with him and possibily how someone can make the transition from doing nothing but PvE content to PvP.

That is all I got for now.  Maybe I will explain what got me to start this blog in the first place.

Also, I thought it would be cool to do a song of the post since I love music.  I must spread the metal!