What to do, what to do

Song of the Post: Apocalyptica – Grace

So I should probably start out with what I am currently doing in the game and what my intentions are with my characters until the expansion comes out.

Currently my tanky tank Loupe is on hiatus until we start getting more of my guild to come on to do Kara or ZA.  There are a lot of people not coming on because, like many other guilds during this time, its summer.  People go out and see the sunlight for a change, which is definately a good thing. I am not so worried about it because I have become a casual player as of late.  Back in the day when it was all about MC and BWL (yeah I have been playing this game for too long!), I would put in 5 hour raid sessions 3-4 times a week.  Not being able to leave during that time?  Massive amounts of hours before and after the raid gathering mats for the raid?  Been there, done that.  My hardcore days are long gone, but maybe in another post I can go into detail about my days pre-BC.

Currently I have been playing my newly level 70 hunter Lorkey.  I leveled this character up mainly to be my gatherer and to possibly have him supply Loupe for the upcoming expansion.  Loupe is an Enchanter/Tailor (yeah yeah I know, a Druid with Tailoring??  WTF??) and I was thinking of dropping Tailoring when the expansion comes out and try out the new Inscription profession.  It definately looks interesting.

But I have found another something to do with my WoW time while we are on a 10-man hiatus: PvP with Lorkey.  Time for some lovely BG chat!

So far, it is definately interesting learning a whole new class, yet also getting into the PvP mindset.  I have always done PvE content since I started playing this game back in April ’05.  So this is a whole new territory for me.  I have gotten him the season 2 shoulders so far and hope to continue upgrading him between BG and Arena gear.  I will be posting updates on my progress with him and possibily how someone can make the transition from doing nothing but PvE content to PvP.

That is all I got for now.  Maybe I will explain what got me to start this blog in the first place.

Also, I thought it would be cool to do a song of the post since I love music.  I must spread the metal!



2 responses to “What to do, what to do

  1. I wouldn’t be too ashamed of being a druid tailor. My perky priestess — a 23/38/0 raid-specced healing fiend — is a blacksmith! I took one for the team back when my old guild had zero blacksmiths. At least I opted to be a macesmith, hoping that some sort of epic healing mace could be crafted for my efforts. Sadly, there’s one but it’s Bind of Equip and not too awesome.

  2. Hey thanks for checking out my blog! I see what you mean about taking one for the team. Although I originally took tailoring because I was going to be a healer, but that ended when we were short on tanks! So now i just call it my “Bag Making” profession.

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