I am not a writer

Song of the Post:  Trivium – Iron Maiden (just recently heard this cover, it is killer!)

So then, why am I writing a blog?

I should probably start with how I found out about blogging about Warcraft in the first place.  You see, I had been playing my horde mage for 2 years, raiding the 40 mans and some of the 10/25 man content during that time and I was burnt out.  I needed a break from the insanity!  So some of my close friends started playing Warcraft on a different server so I figured I would make the jump and start fresh (even though they rolled Alliance, but thats OK I forgive them.)  I decided on a Druid to originally be a healer based on the group make up we had.  Once our characters got into the outlands, we merged with another guild who had very smiliar goals as us:  To have enough people to run just 5 man/10 man content and be a casual group.  It was and still has been a perfect fit, but we had no tanks due to one of my friends who rolled a warrior quit the game.  They had some healers so we were set in that department.  So I decided to switch to feral and learn about tanking.

But I had no clue what I was doing!  What I went through during my “lrn2droodtank” process:

“Gee, look at this Growl button, I think that is good for something”

 “So Swipe doesn’t equal perma aggro on everything??”

“And Swipe breaks CC?  Really?”

“I can’t just run in the middle of all of those mobs and survive?  I thought I was a tank!?”

“Lacerate?  I actually get to use that?”


And my personal favorite as well as my guildmates:

“Dammit guys, I am sorry I know why we wiped 3 times on the first pull.  I had my kitty gear on :(“

Good times, good times.

So I figured it was time to do some research.  The first thing that I can accross was a gear guide that had a very strange, but true to druid tanking name for a blog.  That, if you guessed it, is The Big Bear Butt. I was very impress with how he had everything laid out, so I checked out some other articles he had in regards to “face tanking” and I found them to be very helpful and helped me become a better tank.  So much, in fact that about a couple of weeks later, I was able to off tank in Kara with no problems at all.

Anyways I would consider BBB a gateway drug that led me to other fantastic blogs to read (Just check my Blogroll.)  It was then I was introduced to a new podcast The Twisted Nether Blogcast.  It is a fantastic podcast that talks about the Warcraft blogging community that I had no idea exsisted.  Breana and Fimlys do a great job and have good chemistry with each other.  They also bring to the table something different from the other WoW podcasts.  I really like hearing about all the other bloggers and their stories.

So between how helpful and good of a community the blogsphere can be, I wanted to be involved.  Hopefully I can bring something different to the table and share my experiences from my perspective.



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