Whats the big deal?

Song of the Post: Iced Earth – I Walk Alone (Can’t wait for the new album!)

Blizzard is now receiving $15 more a month from my wife and I.

In case you did not know, Blizzard has implemented a revamped Recruit-A-Friend program.  In a nutshell, you refer a friend to a trial account and if they decide to upgrade to a full account, you and your friend will received a few benefits for the next 90 days:

  • Triple XP if you are grouped up with your new friend (including quests). 
  • Your new friend will be able to give one of your characters a level every time they level up twice, however the character must be below their current level (So essentially, the new friend could give out 30 levels at level 60 pending your other character is below level 60).
  • The ability to summon each other to whatever location they are at.
  • All of the above stops once their character hits 60.
  • Oh, and some Zebra mount you can get if they stay the full 90 days.

So I was talking with an old buddy of mine about this new program and how people can either multi-box or have another WoW player open a second account and transfer the characters after the 90 days with this new system.  I found it VERY intriguing.  I have been wanting to play other classes, but have no desire to level in the old world anymore.  I have been playing this game for way too long and I do not feel like going through that again.  So, I pitched the idea to my wife and she was gun-ho about it since she wanted to try out a mage.  So we bought another copy of WoW (which is only 30 bucks now with the original game plus expansion, very nice) and got the refer-a-friend program rolling.

I rolled a Dwarf Priest so we could have some heals and I like playing priests better in a group instead of solo.  My wife rolled a Gnome Mage. To give you an idea of how fast this leveling is, we picked up the first quest.  By the time the both of us collected enough to turn in the quest, we were both about 25% into level 3.  CRAZINESS!! 

I was so excited about this.  I had everything planned out on what I wanted to do.  I had a level 26 mage sitting in the wings ready to receive his 30 levels.  At the rate we are going right now, we should be level 60 WAY before our 90 days are up.  We started this project Saturday night and have played about 8 hours or so (pending idle time and what not).  So we can start another set of characters and level up more classes and try to get our moneys worth of buying an extra copy of WoW plus the monthly fee.  I was feeling pretty good about it.

Until I told my guildmates about what I was doing.  I got all kinds of comments from them. 

  • “What a waste of money”
  • “Power levelers”
  • “Cheaters”
  • “Insta 60s?  Might as well buy an account that has a 70 already.”
  • “So bascially you are buying level 60 characters?  That is dumb.”
  • “What you are doing is just as bad as buying gold”

The last one got me really pissed.  How is that like buying gold?  HOW?! 

So where is my money going to?  Its going to Blizzard, not some company that is associated with hacking accounts.  That is just ridiculous.  I do not understand why they are mad about it.  Is it really that bad of a thing to do?  You know Blizzard planned on people doing this.  And I know they dont care, because in the end, they are just getting more money from you.  And I am happy to do so.

But they also do not understand that its not an instant 60 either.  You do have to sit there and go through quest and kill mobs.  It just takes less time.  I honestly would not want an instant priest because I would have no idea how to play one.  Even though we are leveling really fast, my wife and I are still learning our classes and what spells we need to use to survive 5 pulls.  The only reason I dont mind giving those extra 30 levels to the alt mage I have is that I already have a 70 mage on the Horde side.  I know how to play a mage.  And I dont feel like going through the leveling phase again.  I do not feel like I am a cheater.

I know there are some people that play this game to just level characters and I think that is fantastic.  The game should be what you want from it.  Me, I want to play around with all the classes without having to level every single one up.  This way, I have characters that are level 60 and I will have 20 levels to go once Wrath comes out.  There is still plenty to learn about a class with those 20 levels.

So to all of those people that want to talk down on me about using the Refer-A-Friend to level some characters, I give the big fat SHOCKER to you!


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