Bald is so metal!

Song of the Post:  Thunderstone – Forevermore

PvP tip of the week: If you do not have an epic helm, hide it.

Last night I did some 5v5s with my Hunter just so we could get our 10 games in due to some of my guildies will not be around until Labor Day weekend.  I was pretty pumped since I am really liking PvP with my hunter and I want to try to get better since I am still new to mastering hunters in PvP.

Now I dont have the best gear yet, I only have 3 PvP pieces so far (S2 Crossbow, S2 Shoulders and S3 Axe) but I seem to manage decently in the BGs (usually about 5th or 6th in damange done).  I have been busy between RL commitments and my Refer-a-Friend character that I havent had a chance to get more gear, but I am pretty close to getting the belt.  Hopefully with some more arena points I can pick up either the S3 helm or chest, but I might be leaning more towards the helm.  Heres why.

For our first couple of games, I was immediately targeted by the opposition and K.O.S.  At first I thought “Heh its probably because I am a Draenei Hunter.”  But then my teammate mentioned I did not have a PvP helm (I have this stupid blue quality helm that looks like a crown).  That made much more sense!  They see that I am not a fully equipped player.  So in their eyes they see fresh meat!  Easy kill!  DIE DRAENEI!!!!!

Anyways I figured I would hide my helm to see if that helped at all.  Turns out it kinda did.  The next 2 matches I was not their first target and we won those!  Dont know if it was all because of the helm, but I can at least think it was :).  We ended our 10 game with a 5-5 record.  Not too bad considering I am still kinda undergeared and our healer was in a hotel room playing with a latency of 1k or more.  Yikes!

I think I may have an idea of an actual series I may do.  I am sure other people have done this before, but I figured I could do my own version.  Stay tuned!


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