Lorccan is 60!

Song of the Post:  Death – Crystal Mountain

So my shadow priest is now the big 60 and it feels great!  I was able to get him to 60 in 2 weeks which is crazy!  Lorccan was the first character to go through the Refer-a-Friend program along with my wife’s fire mage.  She then gave 29 levels (found out its only 29 instead of 30, but who cares?) to my mage, so he is now 57, so i almost got two 60s!  Craziness.

We are now going to start our second set of characters.  We are doing a rogue (me) and a druid (my wife).  I think we should be able to blow through with these characters real quick.  I actually decided to go with a human for a rogue because someone told me for arenas, perception is pretty big.  I definitely did not want to do a NE, so I was going between a human and a dwarf.  And because I hate how the male humans looked, I rolled a female.  So this will be a bit different for me since I have never leveled a female character.

We only played for about 30 min or so and got them to level 6, but I think I will enjoy the rogue.  Should definately be interesting for sure, especially I basically get to play as a better version of cat form.  And of course I can help my wife with her druid since my main is a druid. 

That’s all I got for now.  I am still working on two series that I want to get out.  One is my first attempt at some sort of guide and the other is just something fun.  Hopefully I can get these out soon.

Peace and hair grease.


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