Wrathbringer Reborn!

Song of the Post: Mors Principium Est – Parasites of Paradise

Happy Labor Day all!

Sorry I have not posted in a while, I have been very busy lately.  And here’s why.

Wrathbringer is back!  There are a few reasons why I have revived him and want to play him more.

Ever since I started playing on the Alliance side with my RL friends, it felt very weird.  I had played Horde strictly for 3 years.  I had grown accustom to my guild that I had been in for 2 years and I made many great friendships.  And I missed all of this terribly.  Deep down, the Horde blood flows through!  Plus its so metal :).

Another thing that has happened, which has happened to a lot of guilds during the summer/pre-expansion is lack of participation.  I now only see about 3-4 people on everyday on the alliance server.  Sometimes, I am the only one on.  Now I love playing this game, but one of the reasons why I do play is to play with my friends.  I know several of them have RL stuff to take care of which is totally fine, but I know there are some that just stopped playing.  I could work on PvP and get my hunter geared, but I don’t like running BGs by myself.  Its no fun unless you are with people.

This however does not mean that I quit playing on the alliance side.  I am going to be going back and forth between both servers.  Hopefully after playing on both, I will get a good feel as to which toon I will be leveling up first when WOTLK comes out.

So on Thursday night I popped into my old guild’s forums and sent the guild leader a message saying that I was interested in coming back to play with them and not expecting to get into any raids.  I knew it would not be a problem because my guild leader is an awesome guy.  I was surprised when I first logged on that I was still in the guild and saw the wall of green text.  WRATH!!!  It was a great feeling that there were still a lot of people I knew and they missed me.  They immediately wanted to start running me through heroics and/or do some PvP.

So I have been either working on getting honor or getting badges to get some upgrades on my gear since I still had a lot of blues.  That pretty much took up the bulk of my weekend by playing with my hordies again.  So it gives me great pleasure to be able to yell this again….



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