BT Gitters

Song of the Post:  Metallica – My Apocalypse

So its been about 2 weeks since I started playing with The Green Crusade again.  And it has been awesome!

I have been running heroics, doing PvP and a little bit of Kara.  My goal was to try to gear myself up to at least be able to do ZA.  I didn’t think I would be able to go to any of the content that they were doing, which now they are starting to dab into Sunwell.  Since I knew that I probably would not see Sunwell at all, at least I could still play with them on their alts through ZA.

Over the course of this past weekend, guildies were telling me to sign up for the first half of Black Temple.  I told them I didn’t think I was ready with the gear that I had.  I still was not hit capped and my spell damage was under 1k if I was specced full frost.  They said we will just gear you up since most of the raiders just need stuff off of Illidan.  Plus, they needed mages.  So, after more and more pressure to sign up, I signed up for the Tuesday raid.

On Monday the guild leader whispered me asking if I was going to be around Tuesday night.  I say yup I sure am.  He said well get ready to go to BT with us!  I was stoked.  I finally get to raid with my old buddies and get to see what BT was all about. 

But I was very nervous.  The last time I had done a 25 man raid was about a year and a half ago with them when they were just starting out on Gruul and Magtheridon.  All I had been doing the past year and a half were 5-10 man dungeons.  On top of that, I didn’t want to be a liability to the raid if I was too undergeared.  But they really want me to go, which is an awesome feeling, so I went to studying the bosses and getting elixirs/food/oils for the raid.

So yesterday I stepped foot into BT, and I think it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Namely because they pretty much have BT on farm status, but thats beside the point :).  It felt pretty natural getting back into the mage role in a raid.  Sheeping, spamming frostbolt, sheeping spamming frostbolt, spamming frostbolt, etc.  In all seriousness, it was a blast.  Seeing all of these bosses I kept hearing about and actually doing the fights was a rush for sure.  The only fight I was nervous about was Gorefiend.  If he gives you a debuff, you have to run to the other side of the room and you turn into a ghost.  Your role at this point is to slow down these spirits that head towards the raid so they do not kill them.  Since I had never done this fight before, I was hoping that I would not get the debuff.  Fortunately, I did not :).

We cleared everything up until Mother due to several people in the raid (me included) need shadow resist gear for that fight.  So that will be something I need to work on.  I ended up getting some robes and a wand, both are really sweet.  I was really glad that the robes dropped so I could test out a fire spec since I have been told that is the raid spec to go now.  I am going to test this out and see how it goes.

All in all, it was great to raid with them again and I had fun doing it.  Those guys are not only one of the most talented groups of people I have played with, but also the most fun.


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