Where have you been?

Song of the Post: Testament – Over the Wall

Yeah, I have not wrote in this blog in a while

It has been really busy for me lately between being in the process of moving out of my apartment and being busy at work.  I really hate moving.  But its something my wife and I have to do unfortunately.  But it should be good since we will be able to stay somewhere to save up some money to buy a house.  Definitely looking forward to that day.

However, I have been playing WoW still.  Since my last post, I have gone to BT one other time.  I have gotten some really nice upgrades, but I have not gone past Mother.  Between the guild only raiding BT once a week now and them concentrating on Sunwell, I havent been able to see Illidan.  I knew it was going to be like that so it doesn’t matter to me.  So in the meantime, I have been on the PTRs testing out specs for the mage (frost looks to be really cool!) and trying to get my character some achievements before the patch comes out.  Currently I am trying to get exalted with all 5 Horde factions, but I don’t know how long that is going to last!

I have also been trying to get my wife to play out refer-a-friend characters some more.  I think we only have about a month left and we have only gotten one pair of characters to 60.  I think she has been kinda uninterested in playing since a lot of the guildies from the Alliance side stopped playing.  On top of that, I dont think she likes the Horde too much, shame on her!  But she told me last night she really wants to keep going and get these new characters to 60, so we shall see. 

Right now we are level 25 with my shaman and her rogue.  I am really digging the shaman.  I plan on making him a healer, but so far I am enjoying enhancement.  It will be a lot better once I get windfury and dual wield :).  She seems to be enjoying the rogue too.  It took her a bit to get the hang of the stealth thing and actually attacking up close instead of far away, but she is getting a lot better.

Anyways thats all that has been going on lately.  I wanna try to write everyday, but its kinda hard sometimes for me because I dont really know what to type about.  I usually write in this blog when I think of something I want to talk about.  But I have been working on some really cool post series I wanna try to get out and finished up.  So until then, keep it metal.


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