Casting Rebirth on Loupe

Song of the Post:  Trivium – Down from the Sky

So for the past 1-2 months, I have been concentrating on my mage Wrathbringer and rarely logged onto my druid Loupe.  I’ve been having a lot of fun playing on the horde side again with The Green Crusade and raiding BT and SW.  However, it has become clear that I am going to have a hard time balancing between both my Horde and my Alliance characters.  I have been thinking long and hard what I am going to do when WOTLK comes out.  Over the weekend, I made a decision.

I will be leveling on the Alliance side when the xpac comes out.  Now I am not abandoning the Horde side, but I will be leveling up Loupe first to 80. 

I made this decision because of several reasons:

  1. My wife – This was very crucial because I really love playing with her.  It is something that we can do together and spend time with each other.  Now don’t be thinking “geez, Wrath is whipped.”  Well, you are wrong!!  Kinda…. :-P.  She does not have a high level character on the Horde side and she does not really know anyone.  She approached me the other day when I asked her to play some more on the Horde side and she said she likes the guild we are in on the Alliance because its small and she knows everyone because most of them are RL friends.  So this brings me to…
  2. Smaller guild – I actually really like being in a smaller guild.  You know everyone, easier to schedule runs on the fly instead of having sign ups, not having to worry about DKP.  I am also one of the officers of the guild and I really like having this kind of a role in a small guild.  I was really excited when Blizzard first announce WOTLK and mentioned all the raid dungeons would have a 10 man version.  With our small guild, we can actually do some sort of progression instead of just Kara and ZA.
  3. Need to be more Casual – And being with a larger guild, its harder to be involved.  Nothing against the Green Crusade at all because I love all of them, but if you want to raid, you have to be somewhat hardcore between being able to get gear and getting into the raid.  I have to scale back my playing habits a bit because frankly, I play way too much.  So with the smaller guild environment, I can still raid and not have to make attendance or worry about DKP.
  4. Missing the Drood – I have not been super impressed with the Mage changes.  It was a nice change to not have to tank all the time, but after raiding as a mage for a while, I realized that I really love tanking.  Its a lot more exciting than sitting back and just DPSing.  I also dont have to try to compare my DPS to everyone else because that is not my focus.  Even though my mage is well under geared compared to everyone in the guild, I would still get mad at myself for not doing enough DPS.

So I am looking forward to progressing my druid and await for the day of the xpac. 

Currently I am working on getting the Ambassador title for Loupe which hasn’t been too hard at all.  All I need is Exodar and Gnomergan reputation to be exalted.  After that I think I will either work on getting non combat pets or leveling up a shaman as high as I can before my refer-a-friend program ends.

Peace and Hair Grease



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