Yeah I am a slacker!

Song of the Post:  In This Moment – Forever

So yeah, I haven’t really posted something in a while.  So lets catch up on things…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Ok there we go :-P.  A lot has happened in WoW since the last time I posted so I will break it down.

  • Wrath is finally out (well for 3 months now, but give me a break!) and this expansion is fantastic!  The questing, the zones, the dungeons are way better than Burning Crusade!
  • I now have not just one, but TWO 80s.  Loupe was my first to 80 and it took me about 2 weeks or so to hit that.  Lorkey hit 80 the 1st of the year.
  • I leveled Loupe as Boomkin the entire time and did heroics and some Naxx as Boomkin and eventually went to Resto due to the lack of healers in our guild.  One of my guild mates switched from his warlock to his druid and became Resto as well, so we didn’t need 3 healers (we are doing 10 man content).  Because of the way our guild is set up, we only had 1 ranged DPS.  So I decided to get my hunter to 80 and raid with him.  Lorkey is my current main.
  • As of January 17th, we officially cleared all of the 10 man content!  On Alliance side we were the 5th to clear Naxx and 4th to defeat Malygos on the server.

So its pretty exciting to be playing WoW right now!  I have really been enjoying raiding with the hunter.  Lots of high DPS and its not as boring as it was with my mage with just frostbolt spam (although I am sure spell rotation is different now in WOTLK).  I am currently specced Marksman and really enjoying all that a Marksman brings to a raid. 

Anyways, I hope I will keep up with this blog.  There has been a lot of stuff that I could talk about since Wrath is out now.  Metal it up!

PS:  Anyone who is looking for a cool metal instrumental album, I recommend Jeff Loomis – Zero Order Phase.  Good stuff!


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