3.0.8 Blues and a Pet Idea

Song of the Post:  Nightrage – Death-Like Silence

So yesterday the “Hunter Nerf of 2009” hit.  All I have to say is, thank god I do not play as BM :-P.

Lorkey is a Marksman hunter.  A few reasons why I went in this direction:

  1. As much as I enjoy having a pet, I hate managing them in dungeons/raids.  Maybe its just me being a huntard, but sometimes my pet will grab an extra group due to him being too close to a mob while he is attacking the main mob we are attacking.  More on this later…
  2. More interesting shots and shot rotations.  When leveling as BM, all I did was send the pet in, Serpent Sting, then just Steady Shot between my auto shots (I still try my best to do this even though Steady Shot doesn’t block the auto shot anymore, old habits don’t die I suppose).  Pretty boring if you ask me!  Now I have Aimed Shot, a buffed up Arcane Shot, and Chimera Shot which is BA!  Its a lot of fun trying to figure out the best way to maximize my DPS between all of these shots and weaving them in and out.
  3. I like the fact that most of the damage comes from myself, because I am selfish like that :-).

But back to my first point above.  I have an idea for Blizzard in regards to pet management.  They should add a box shaped button on the pet bar that has an arrow pointing out on all 4 sides.  These directions would indicate where your pet should position itself when attacking.  This way, you have control of where your pet should be and to avoid the pet being close to either patrols or the next group.  I don’t know if that would be too complicated of a button to implement into the game, but it was just an idea.

Hopefully this week I can either get the T7 Helm or the Gun from Kel!  All we have left is Saph and Kel in Naxx.  Wish me luck!


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