Metal Talk: What I Play When I Play WoW

Song of the Post:  Lamb of God – In Your Words

I am gonna have these non WoW posts because, well, this blog to me is to express WoW mostly, but also about my passion for music.

Most of the time when I am playing WoW, I am usually on vent because I just like talking to people and theorycraft with my other guildmates.  But if I am farming or just playing by myself I have ITunes going.  I usually have something upbeat and ass kickin’!  Some of my favorites albums (in no particular order):

  • Iron Maiden – A Matter of Life and Death, Brave New World or Powerslave
  • In Flames – The Jester Race or Come Clarity
  • Metallica – …And Justice For All
  • Megadeth – Rust In Peace
  • Dream Theater – Octavarium
  • Trivium – Shogun
  • Killswitch Engage – Daylight Dies

I could list a ton of albums, but these are the ones that jump out at me currently.


How Metal Is…Thrall?!

This is a new segment that I will try to do weekly.  Basically, I will be conducting an interview with someone from the WoW universe or WoW community and try to find out a simple question from them.  How metal are you?  After the interview has been conducted, I will rate them on a scale of 1 to 11 on how metal they are.  Today, I was able to get an interview with none other than Thrall himself.  So we will find out today, how metal is Thrall?!

Wrathbringer:  Hi Thrall, thanks for being our first victim in this new segment I am doing on my blog!

Thrall:  Lok’tar!  It is my pleasure to represent the Horde and conduct this interview with you.

W:  Awesome!  First question:  What is metal?

T:  You are asking the leader of the Horde what metal is?  Look at me!  I have long hair, a big battleaxe, red eyes.  What do YOU think?

W: Whoa, ok sorry about that Thrall!  I should have known better.  What are some of your favorite bands?

T:  Well, I tend to like some of the classics.  Theres Maiden, Priest, Megadeth, OLD Metallica of course, not that Load/Reload crap!  Usually I will crank up Manowar on my IPod whenever I go into battle.  Hearing Warriors of the World while charging in with my axe just makes me go oh so bloodlust.

W:  Very cool.  I like all of those bands myself…

T:  Or your human head would be put on a stake right next to Onyxia’s head in Orgrimmar.

W:  Yes, I wouldn’t want that to happen!  What do you usually outfit yourself when you go to a metal concert?

T:  You are looking at it.  Although last time I went, they tried to tell me that I could not bring my axe into the concert, which was an unwise desicion on their part.  ::grins::

W:  Whoa, that is pretty brutal!  What concert was that?

T:  I believe that was the Testament concert held at the Blade’s Edge Arena.  They brought with them In Flames and Trivium.  It was amazing!  It was the first full on metal concert that was brought to the Outlands.  I brought Jaina Proudmoore as my date, but she left fairly quickly after the beginning of the concert, but oh well.  There was lots of bloodshed in the mosh pit, which is what happens when you invite the Horde and the Alliance to a concert like this!  Ahh, the sight of my orcs doing the circle pit…

Anyways when Testament was on in the middle of their set, they brought me onto the stage for one of their songs and I sang with Chuck.  It was great!

W:  Sounds like an exciting concert!  Ok now we are going to do word associations.  I am going to say a word and you tell me what comes to mind when you hear the word I say, OK?

T:  Lets hear it.

W:  Cliff Burton

T:  May he rest in peace, a legendary bassist.

W:  The Metal Horns

T:  I think Ronnie James Dio started it first, not Gene Simmions

W:  Melodic Death Metal

T:  Pretty good stuff, not as good as the greats, but metal none the less.

W:  Linkin Park

T:  ::gives a very angry stare::

W:  Uh…ok I think we are done with the word associations!  Do you play any musical instruments?

T:  Unfortunately I do not.  I wish I learned the lead guitar, but my tribe that I grew up with used nothing but drums.  I had no rhythme, so I decided to learn the shamistic arts instead.

W:  Great.  Well I think that about wraps up this interview.  Thank you so much for your time today Thrall.

T:  My pleasure.  And next time I talk to you, you better be playing on the horde side!   FOR THE HORDE!

Based on a scale of 1 to 11, Thrall gets a…


He is definately a very metal indvidual.  The only reason I did not turn it to 11 for him was that it seems like he sticks to the classics and doesnt really listen to anything new, which isnt a bad thing of course.  Still, 10 is pretty brutal!

Until next time…



Song of the Post:  Gwar – Sexicutioner

What?!  How is that formula correct?!  Did you go to school or something?  What a D-Bag!


So currently our guild is running 25 man raids either once or twice a week with another guild we have an alliance with to be able to run 25 mans.  We decided to start doing this due to some interest in trying it out 25 mans and the fact that since half of the people in our guild have not experienced anything above 10 man dungeons.

I used to raid back in Vanilla WoW with the Green Crusade and as much fun as it was with all of those guys and gals, I definitely do not miss the issues with dealing with 40 man raids.  Just WAY too many people in one place.  Too much loot drama.  Too much coordination.

Just too much in general.  The lesser, the better!

Fast forward a bit to when BC came out.  I was pretty excited that they lowered the raids to 25.  This however made raiding difficult with the amount of people in the guild.  With everyone trying to gear up through Karazhan, I never had the chance to raid with competitions for spots.  I was also in a period of my WoW playing that I was fearful of getting back into raiding since it took up so much time.  I was in the middle of getting ready to propose to my then girlfriend and I did not want anything to get in the way of planning for the wedding.

That’s when I found out a bunch of RL friends started playing WoW on a different server.  It was a smaller group and they just wanted to do 5 and 10 mans.  I did the progression thing, I did not need to do it again.  It was the perfect fit at that point.  When we got to 70, we started raiding Kara and I fell in love with the smaller group setting.  More intimate.  Rarely any loot drama.  Easier and quicker to make a tight group for raids.  It was great at the time when I needed more time for RL.

Before Wrath came out, most of my current guild went on a hiatus due to boredom and lack of 10 man content.  So because the wedding was over and I had more time to kill, I went back to the Green Crusade while they were raiding Sunwell.  This was the first time I got to experience 25 mans and it was definitely more refreshing from the 40 man raids, however I missed the smaller 10 man group.  Easier to talk to and get to know other people.  So when WOTLK came out, I decided that because of the 10 man content was going to be able to progress like 25 mans, I wanted to play with Team Attractive for the expansion.

So fast forward to today.  We have the current 10 man content on farm and we need something to do till 3.1 comes out.  And now that we have a couple of 25 man Naxxs under our belt, it reassures my thoughts on 10 mans versus 25 mans.  And I cannot wait until Ulduar comes out so we can show that place who is boss!

Hammer Smash Faced Sartharion Heroic!

Song of the Post:  Jeff Loomis – Miles of Machines

I dont know if it is sad or BA that we took out Sartharion Heroic with just 10 people.

On Saturday night after I got back from my Valentine’s Day dinner with my lovely wife, we did not have any plans so she caught up on some shows on the DVR and I logged in to see if there was anything going on.  The way our guild does raids is if there are enough people online and the right group make up, we will raid at that point.  Pretty unorganized, I know, but we never know when we will have the people on to do anything.  We had 10 people, 2 healers, 2-3 tanks and the rest DPS.  We were set for a night of killing, crushing and destorying everything!

Lately I have been playing my druid on raids due to the lack of healers we have had online.  One of the tanks on was gracious to let one of his alts come heal so I had a chance to get the gun for my hunter.  I told him I would make sure to switch out back to my druid so he had a chance to get the shield from Malygos if we fought him tonight.  Such a cool dude, thanks Lange!!

Anyways we had a very productive raiding night.  We finished 10 man Naxx with killing Sapphiron and Kel (no gun 😦 oh well).  I switched out to Loupe for Malygos and on our 3rd try we killed him.  We kept wiping on the drake phase, which I need to rant about drake fights at some point.  But we eventually got him down.  No loot upgrades for me, but thats ok because I was glad that we were finally able to get him down again since we had not taken him out since our last attempt.

It was about 11/12 or so and we had cleared all of the 10 man raid content.  We were all pumped that we finally cleared everything since it has been a while.  We were throwing around the idea of trying Heroic Sartharion because there is no enrage timer.  So we said screw it, lets do this!!

We did not need the extra tanks, so Lange and I switched again and I went back to my hunter.  It is pretty much just like 10 man Sarth.  Just more health and harder hits from all the mobs.  I was a little nervous at first when we started the first pull thinking how far are we going to get through this?  Is it going to be Wipefest 2009 or were we going to show this place what skilled players we have in this guild?!  Turns out, the latter was correct, sort of.  It was actually kind of a joke at some points.  It just took a bit more time than it would if you had 25 people in the raid.

Most of trash was the normal tank and spank.  We had a bit of trouble with the two giant mobs at first because of the curse they put on people since it has a chance to heal the mob whenever the player attacks the mob.  Once we got that down, the first drake was super cake.  I mean the kind of cake that melts in your mouth instantly like it just came out of the oven.  Mmmmmm.

We all got our first Emblem of Valor badge and couldnt believe it!  We cleared something that was in a 25 man instance!  We pressed on to the second drake.  This provided a bit of a problem.  Because of the lack of players and meaning the lack of DPS, we were not able to get any eggs down during the portal phase.  All the whelps were out and the tank had the drake and all the whelps.  We yell, “Screw it!  Just AoE the bastards!!”  The strategy actually worked.  We didnt even bother going into the portals.  We just let all the eggs hatch, the tank would grab them all and we would just AoE them down.  It worked very effectively and we got our second Emblem of Valor badge.

Third drake, same story as the first drake.  The cake once again melted in my mouth!  We finished clearing the rest of the trash and we were staring at the 15 million or so HP Sartharion in the face.  We decided to try the same strategy as we do in 10 man Sarth and see how that would hold up. 

We buffed up, everyone was full health/mana, Ready Check was good to go, I had Warriors of the World playing in the background.  IT WAS GO TIME!!

The whole fight took us about 13 minutes to complete.  It was long, but we were able to get through it with only a slight problem.  We were faced with the problem we had with the second drake.  The fire elementals had too much health for us to single target one by one.  For 10 out of the 13 minutes, I did nothing but Volley.  We had one tank on Sarth and one tank holding all of the adds right next to the boss.  Everyone was then being hit by AoEs including Sarth.  We moved whenever the firewall was up and continued to do this until he died!  WE DID IT!!

The funniest part about the instance was I went through an entire bag of ammo from the first drake to the middle of Sarth.  I was unpacking an ammo box in the middle of the Sarth fight and everyone was laughing about it.

Since I have not done any 25 man content in Wrath, it was to my surprise that we got two Tier tokens!  And guess who won one of them? 😉

Thats right!  I was able to get the Tier 7.5 gloves!  Something I did not think I would ever get.  There was some other gear that dropped, but I dont really remember too much of it because of the excitement of killing a 25 man boss with just 10 people.  I know there probably has been plenty of people that have done this before, but I think it is an accomplishment in itself regardless!

The only problem with the whole night is that we did no SS it :(.  So yeah I can hear people saying “No SS, then it didnt happen!”  But they can think what they want.  Just check out the achievements on Lorkey and the other guild members in my guild and there are only 10 people that have it right now.  But it doesnt matter.  It was still a kick ass time and we are planning to do this every week.

Hail Team Attactive and congrats on a job well done!

Guild Drama and Alts

Song of the Post:  Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner

So a lot has been going on with me in the game and I have been trying to figure out what I should do.  Per the titles of my post…


So currently we have been having a problem in my guild with doing raids.  As I said in my update, this is the 3rd week in a row that we have skipped Malygos since we killed him the first time.  I know some of it has to do with that being a smaller guild, if some people are busy then we cant raid.  I don’t blame any of those people because RL comes first.  It is just a bummer since I don’t get to do a whole lot now.

However, one of our main tanks has become frustrated with this more than me to the point where he wants to go to a different guild or transfer his toon back to where it came from.  He told me last night that he does not think with the way we have been raiding that we would be prepared for Ulduar and that we wont be geared.  This statement I had to disagree with.  Back in BC, we always had very weird group make ups and managed to clear Kara.  Most of our characters are pretty well geared right now so I don’t think we will have a problem.

The idea got thrown around about merging with another guild on our server that we have pretty good ties with right now.  Everyone that I talked to last night wouldnt mind merging with them, but after thinking about it, I really think we should just do our own thing and make a guild alliance with them to do 25 mans.  But we are still trying to figure out what we all really wanna do.  Hopefully the main tank I was talking about wont leave and try to work this out.

So because there has been some down time…


I have been working on a ton of alts as of late.  I don’t really do the achievement thing too much and I really want to try out all of the classes because who knows?  I may find a different class that I like better.  Currently I have been working on my 70 DK, 62 Mage, 61 Priest, 22 Shaman, 20 Warrior and 8 Paladin.  My 3 high level characters I play with one of my buddies depending on which ones have full rest XP.  The Shaman and Warrior I have been leveling by myself and the Paladin I am going to be leveling him up whenever my buddy and my bro want to play together.

I am actually more excited about my shaman and warrior than the other classes I have.  I have always wanted a shaman but just never gotten around to leveling one.  I just think a resto shaman is pretty beastly and enhancement is fun to level so far now that water shield is available at 20.  The warrior is pretty interesting because I am gonna try to level as prot!  And currently I am able to survive and kill stuff faster right now that I was in fury.  The changes they made to this tree are crazy and you can spec your character right so it can be a viable leveling spec.  Pretty cool stuff.

Hopefully more good news to follow this mudane post, after all, this is suppose to be burtal!!!

I will update on the guild situation as it develops.

Quick Update

Song of the Post:  Dream Theater – Metropolis

Haven’t really posted anything but thought I would do something quick:

  1. Tried out Survival, didn’t really get the hang of it and went back to MM. 
  2. Got a new helm and boots from Naxx
  3. Cleared everything except for Malygos this week, 2nd week in a row that we skipped him 😦
  4. With the downtime, I have been leveling two of my alts.  Bludburn my DK that is now 69 and my mage Wrathinator at 61.  Having fun with both of them.
  5. My brother is 80 so he can start raiding his mage with us in Naxx which will be very cool.

Peace. \m/