Hammer Smash Faced Sartharion Heroic!

Song of the Post:  Jeff Loomis – Miles of Machines

I dont know if it is sad or BA that we took out Sartharion Heroic with just 10 people.

On Saturday night after I got back from my Valentine’s Day dinner with my lovely wife, we did not have any plans so she caught up on some shows on the DVR and I logged in to see if there was anything going on.  The way our guild does raids is if there are enough people online and the right group make up, we will raid at that point.  Pretty unorganized, I know, but we never know when we will have the people on to do anything.  We had 10 people, 2 healers, 2-3 tanks and the rest DPS.  We were set for a night of killing, crushing and destorying everything!

Lately I have been playing my druid on raids due to the lack of healers we have had online.  One of the tanks on was gracious to let one of his alts come heal so I had a chance to get the gun for my hunter.  I told him I would make sure to switch out back to my druid so he had a chance to get the shield from Malygos if we fought him tonight.  Such a cool dude, thanks Lange!!

Anyways we had a very productive raiding night.  We finished 10 man Naxx with killing Sapphiron and Kel (no gun 😦 oh well).  I switched out to Loupe for Malygos and on our 3rd try we killed him.  We kept wiping on the drake phase, which I need to rant about drake fights at some point.  But we eventually got him down.  No loot upgrades for me, but thats ok because I was glad that we were finally able to get him down again since we had not taken him out since our last attempt.

It was about 11/12 or so and we had cleared all of the 10 man raid content.  We were all pumped that we finally cleared everything since it has been a while.  We were throwing around the idea of trying Heroic Sartharion because there is no enrage timer.  So we said screw it, lets do this!!

We did not need the extra tanks, so Lange and I switched again and I went back to my hunter.  It is pretty much just like 10 man Sarth.  Just more health and harder hits from all the mobs.  I was a little nervous at first when we started the first pull thinking how far are we going to get through this?  Is it going to be Wipefest 2009 or were we going to show this place what skilled players we have in this guild?!  Turns out, the latter was correct, sort of.  It was actually kind of a joke at some points.  It just took a bit more time than it would if you had 25 people in the raid.

Most of trash was the normal tank and spank.  We had a bit of trouble with the two giant mobs at first because of the curse they put on people since it has a chance to heal the mob whenever the player attacks the mob.  Once we got that down, the first drake was super cake.  I mean the kind of cake that melts in your mouth instantly like it just came out of the oven.  Mmmmmm.

We all got our first Emblem of Valor badge and couldnt believe it!  We cleared something that was in a 25 man instance!  We pressed on to the second drake.  This provided a bit of a problem.  Because of the lack of players and meaning the lack of DPS, we were not able to get any eggs down during the portal phase.  All the whelps were out and the tank had the drake and all the whelps.  We yell, “Screw it!  Just AoE the bastards!!”  The strategy actually worked.  We didnt even bother going into the portals.  We just let all the eggs hatch, the tank would grab them all and we would just AoE them down.  It worked very effectively and we got our second Emblem of Valor badge.

Third drake, same story as the first drake.  The cake once again melted in my mouth!  We finished clearing the rest of the trash and we were staring at the 15 million or so HP Sartharion in the face.  We decided to try the same strategy as we do in 10 man Sarth and see how that would hold up. 

We buffed up, everyone was full health/mana, Ready Check was good to go, I had Warriors of the World playing in the background.  IT WAS GO TIME!!

The whole fight took us about 13 minutes to complete.  It was long, but we were able to get through it with only a slight problem.  We were faced with the problem we had with the second drake.  The fire elementals had too much health for us to single target one by one.  For 10 out of the 13 minutes, I did nothing but Volley.  We had one tank on Sarth and one tank holding all of the adds right next to the boss.  Everyone was then being hit by AoEs including Sarth.  We moved whenever the firewall was up and continued to do this until he died!  WE DID IT!!

The funniest part about the instance was I went through an entire bag of ammo from the first drake to the middle of Sarth.  I was unpacking an ammo box in the middle of the Sarth fight and everyone was laughing about it.

Since I have not done any 25 man content in Wrath, it was to my surprise that we got two Tier tokens!  And guess who won one of them? 😉

Thats right!  I was able to get the Tier 7.5 gloves!  Something I did not think I would ever get.  There was some other gear that dropped, but I dont really remember too much of it because of the excitement of killing a 25 man boss with just 10 people.  I know there probably has been plenty of people that have done this before, but I think it is an accomplishment in itself regardless!

The only problem with the whole night is that we did no SS it :(.  So yeah I can hear people saying “No SS, then it didnt happen!”  But they can think what they want.  Just check out the achievements on Lorkey and the other guild members in my guild and there are only 10 people that have it right now.  But it doesnt matter.  It was still a kick ass time and we are planning to do this every week.

Hail Team Attactive and congrats on a job well done!


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