Song of the Post:  Gwar – Sexicutioner

What?!  How is that formula correct?!  Did you go to school or something?  What a D-Bag!


So currently our guild is running 25 man raids either once or twice a week with another guild we have an alliance with to be able to run 25 mans.  We decided to start doing this due to some interest in trying it out 25 mans and the fact that since half of the people in our guild have not experienced anything above 10 man dungeons.

I used to raid back in Vanilla WoW with the Green Crusade and as much fun as it was with all of those guys and gals, I definitely do not miss the issues with dealing with 40 man raids.  Just WAY too many people in one place.  Too much loot drama.  Too much coordination.

Just too much in general.  The lesser, the better!

Fast forward a bit to when BC came out.  I was pretty excited that they lowered the raids to 25.  This however made raiding difficult with the amount of people in the guild.  With everyone trying to gear up through Karazhan, I never had the chance to raid with competitions for spots.  I was also in a period of my WoW playing that I was fearful of getting back into raiding since it took up so much time.  I was in the middle of getting ready to propose to my then girlfriend and I did not want anything to get in the way of planning for the wedding.

That’s when I found out a bunch of RL friends started playing WoW on a different server.  It was a smaller group and they just wanted to do 5 and 10 mans.  I did the progression thing, I did not need to do it again.  It was the perfect fit at that point.  When we got to 70, we started raiding Kara and I fell in love with the smaller group setting.  More intimate.  Rarely any loot drama.  Easier and quicker to make a tight group for raids.  It was great at the time when I needed more time for RL.

Before Wrath came out, most of my current guild went on a hiatus due to boredom and lack of 10 man content.  So because the wedding was over and I had more time to kill, I went back to the Green Crusade while they were raiding Sunwell.  This was the first time I got to experience 25 mans and it was definitely more refreshing from the 40 man raids, however I missed the smaller 10 man group.  Easier to talk to and get to know other people.  So when WOTLK came out, I decided that because of the 10 man content was going to be able to progress like 25 mans, I wanted to play with Team Attractive for the expansion.

So fast forward to today.  We have the current 10 man content on farm and we need something to do till 3.1 comes out.  And now that we have a couple of 25 man Naxxs under our belt, it reassures my thoughts on 10 mans versus 25 mans.  And I cannot wait until Ulduar comes out so we can show that place who is boss!


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