How Metal Is…Thrall?!

This is a new segment that I will try to do weekly.  Basically, I will be conducting an interview with someone from the WoW universe or WoW community and try to find out a simple question from them.  How metal are you?  After the interview has been conducted, I will rate them on a scale of 1 to 11 on how metal they are.  Today, I was able to get an interview with none other than Thrall himself.  So we will find out today, how metal is Thrall?!

Wrathbringer:  Hi Thrall, thanks for being our first victim in this new segment I am doing on my blog!

Thrall:  Lok’tar!  It is my pleasure to represent the Horde and conduct this interview with you.

W:  Awesome!  First question:  What is metal?

T:  You are asking the leader of the Horde what metal is?  Look at me!  I have long hair, a big battleaxe, red eyes.  What do YOU think?

W: Whoa, ok sorry about that Thrall!  I should have known better.  What are some of your favorite bands?

T:  Well, I tend to like some of the classics.  Theres Maiden, Priest, Megadeth, OLD Metallica of course, not that Load/Reload crap!  Usually I will crank up Manowar on my IPod whenever I go into battle.  Hearing Warriors of the World while charging in with my axe just makes me go oh so bloodlust.

W:  Very cool.  I like all of those bands myself…

T:  Or your human head would be put on a stake right next to Onyxia’s head in Orgrimmar.

W:  Yes, I wouldn’t want that to happen!  What do you usually outfit yourself when you go to a metal concert?

T:  You are looking at it.  Although last time I went, they tried to tell me that I could not bring my axe into the concert, which was an unwise desicion on their part.  ::grins::

W:  Whoa, that is pretty brutal!  What concert was that?

T:  I believe that was the Testament concert held at the Blade’s Edge Arena.  They brought with them In Flames and Trivium.  It was amazing!  It was the first full on metal concert that was brought to the Outlands.  I brought Jaina Proudmoore as my date, but she left fairly quickly after the beginning of the concert, but oh well.  There was lots of bloodshed in the mosh pit, which is what happens when you invite the Horde and the Alliance to a concert like this!  Ahh, the sight of my orcs doing the circle pit…

Anyways when Testament was on in the middle of their set, they brought me onto the stage for one of their songs and I sang with Chuck.  It was great!

W:  Sounds like an exciting concert!  Ok now we are going to do word associations.  I am going to say a word and you tell me what comes to mind when you hear the word I say, OK?

T:  Lets hear it.

W:  Cliff Burton

T:  May he rest in peace, a legendary bassist.

W:  The Metal Horns

T:  I think Ronnie James Dio started it first, not Gene Simmions

W:  Melodic Death Metal

T:  Pretty good stuff, not as good as the greats, but metal none the less.

W:  Linkin Park

T:  ::gives a very angry stare::

W:  Uh…ok I think we are done with the word associations!  Do you play any musical instruments?

T:  Unfortunately I do not.  I wish I learned the lead guitar, but my tribe that I grew up with used nothing but drums.  I had no rhythme, so I decided to learn the shamistic arts instead.

W:  Great.  Well I think that about wraps up this interview.  Thank you so much for your time today Thrall.

T:  My pleasure.  And next time I talk to you, you better be playing on the horde side!   FOR THE HORDE!

Based on a scale of 1 to 11, Thrall gets a…


He is definately a very metal indvidual.  The only reason I did not turn it to 11 for him was that it seems like he sticks to the classics and doesnt really listen to anything new, which isnt a bad thing of course.  Still, 10 is pretty brutal!

Until next time…



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