No More Sad News Please!!!

Song of the Post: Megadeth – Hanger 18

I was hoping to write up something a bit more positive today, but I gotta write whats on my mind.

So it looks like one of my best friends and my brother are deciding to put the game down.  They are both pretty much just bored of the game and want to do other stuff.  I can’t blame them since they have been playing this game for as long as I have.  Its just not going to be the same without them playing this game :(.

I play this game to play with my friends.  Hopefully this does not become a trend and more of my friends leave.

Don’t really know much else to say about it.  I just needed to get it out of my system in some form.  But its not like I am never gonna talk to them again or something :-P.

In WoW news, we are gonna raid tonight.  Hopefully we can get some stuff done and either do 3D Sarth 10 man or 25 man Sarth.




The Hunter

The Hunter

(in the tune of The Trooper by Iron Maiden)
Verse 1:
We are at the boss and it’s time to fight
Arrows are prepped to begin their flight
The boss is not ready for this next attack
We make are stand there is no turning back
The boss charges the fight begins
On this battlefield, we will win!
With our tanks and heals and DPS
We will surely beat him to death
Verse 2:
The battle rages on, we’re losing ground
Moral is faint as he pounds us down
A tank has died to a fatal blow
The healer’s mana is so very low
The light is dim on this final boss
This could become such a tragic loss
But the dim light becomes brighter
Out emerges the guild’s hunter
Verse 3:
The hunter yells out “It’s time to die!”
And sends his pet into claw and bite
His shots sored into the bosses chest
Would this be the end at last?
The boss began to fall to his death
Crashing down and blew his last breath
The raid then began to said in cheer
Time to buy this hunter a nice cold beer!


Song of the Post:  Amon Amarth – Guardians of Asgard

I have been M.I.A. for a while.  There has been a lot going on lately in game and out, so I have a lot to talk about!

In my quick update, I mentioned I was dealing with some guild drama.  It looks to be solved right now and I am glad it is done and over with.  We had 2 guildies that we were having problems with two different issues.  We will give them the names Bob and Tom (no relation to the radio show :-P). 

Bob was one of our tanks and was a really good player.  He came into our guild a couple of months before Wrath came out and was a neighbor to one of our friends.  He is Mr. Achieveables (or achievements)  and is obsessed with trying to get them all.  Now if that is what someone wants to do with their playing time, that’s fine.  You are paying for this game, so do what you want.  However, when Bob came into the guild, we told him that we are casual and raid whenever we get the people on.  We are not interested in maxing out, just do the raids and have fun and that we are not interested in expanding.  We just want to play with our RL friends. 

Well since we have cleared everything except for 3D sarth, he has been pushing to do achievements related to these instances.  The majority of us don’t really care to do them and, for example, do not want to tell 2 people that they have to sit out of a raid because someone wants to do 8 man Naxx.  He also attempted to try and convince the officers of the guild to merger with the guild that we had an alliance with and were doing 25 man raids with.  None of us wanted that because we wanted to keep our tight knit group and we did not feel the need that a merger was necessary.  After all of that, he decides to try and schedule “hard runs” without telling anyone and inviting only certain people.  This made the officers angry and trying to pull people from the guild without talking it over with everyone was not cool.  So after telling him that we were not happy about this, the next day he quits the guild.  I have no hard feelings about it and wish him luck with the guild we have an alliance with.  It was clear that he wanted more out of the game then we did, so it is for the best I think that he moved on.

Now Tom is the person that I had the big issue with.  He came into the before Bob did, but unlike Bob, he was a new player and a friend of a friend of someone in the guild that doesn’t play anymore.  He eventually leveled him to 80 after we had Naxx on farm and was asking about trying out raiding.  We said of course and had him on a few runs.  After those few runs, I noticed something about him that started to bother me.  His attitude.  If something went wrong during the run, he would start getting very angry at a screw.  In particular, he would do this on our 25 man raids with the other guild.  I had talked to him once before that he needed to calm down and that it is just a game.  We are gonna wipe sometimes. However Tom did not make any improvements and continued to be an asshat. 

The way we handled the next course of actions, I was not too proud of myself for.  But the next day after he blew up at one of the officers was the last straw.  We just gkicked him, telling him in guild chat that he was no longer needed and that his attitude had not improved.  We did not give him any chance to respond and started cheering while we were in vent.  It was after talking with one of the officers that we handled that situation very poorly.  Very immature to say the least.  So after a few days to where I could collect my thoughts, I talked to him about why we kicked him and he was able to tell me how he felt and thats all he wanted was someone to talk to.  He was thinking about leaving anyways knowing that he wasnt a great fit for our guild.  So at least it ended nicely between him and I.

Which leads me to why I haven’t been post a whole lot lately.  The whole situation above really dread playing the game and did not want to log on at all.  I was seriously thinking about cancelling my account thinking about the last 4 years of playing this game.  The fact that, I have been playing this game for so long!  But I think in the end, I just needed to take a break.  I had been playing way too much and neglecting things I could do in real life like, hangout with my wife and my friends.  So I have been cutting back a bit and leveling up my death knight.  Right now he is level 75 and I have been blowing through these levels, averaging about 4 hours a level.

With cutting back on my playing time, maybe I will have more time to actually write in this blog too :-P.


Song of the Post:  Arch Enemy – Burning Angel

Just wanted to post something real quick since I have not posted in a while.  Lots of RL stuff getting in the way of writing and playing WoW.  On top of that there has been some major drama in my guild that I will address in a later post.  But right now nothing interesting is happening in WoW as far as progression.  I did get the Arrowsong from Patchwerk 25 last week which was nice!!!

Anyways more later…

Leading the Charge

Song of the Post:  Dream Theater – Panic Attack

Raid Leader.

I had never pictured myself in this role.  Ever since I started raiding when my mage hit 60, I assumed that for as long as I play this game, I would just show up, play my role and have some fun. 

Currently in Team Attractive, we don’t have a guild leader.  We basically have about 5-6 of us that share leadership and run the guild.  One of these officers usually got the raids together, led our raids and distributed loot.  He has been on hiatus as of late due to real life issues and like I had posted previously, we had a hard time getting raids together due to him not being around and the fact that he was one of our main healers.  A few people were very frustrated with the lack of raiding and not being able to clear everything in a week and morale was pretty low.

I guess around this time is when I took charge.  We didn’t know when our former raid leader would be back and we needed to raid.  So I sat my hunter out and brought in Loupe to heal while we waited for either the raid leader to come back or another guildie that wanted to heal got to 80.  So far I have actually enjoyed myself trying to lead our raid to victory in Naxx, Malygos and Sarth. 

We will see how it goes from here on out.

In other news, Lorkey has dropped skinning and picked up Enchanting.  I already have enchanting on Loupe, but with only having one person with enchanting that runs raids, we need at least two mains with enchanting so we can DE anything that no one wants.  Plus the extra 64 AP will be very nice! :).  With this change, I will eventually drop enchanting on Loupe and pick up something else.  I am thinking about picking up herbalism so I can give Lorkey another crafting profession, not sure what though.