Leading the Charge

Song of the Post:  Dream Theater – Panic Attack

Raid Leader.

I had never pictured myself in this role.  Ever since I started raiding when my mage hit 60, I assumed that for as long as I play this game, I would just show up, play my role and have some fun. 

Currently in Team Attractive, we don’t have a guild leader.  We basically have about 5-6 of us that share leadership and run the guild.  One of these officers usually got the raids together, led our raids and distributed loot.  He has been on hiatus as of late due to real life issues and like I had posted previously, we had a hard time getting raids together due to him not being around and the fact that he was one of our main healers.  A few people were very frustrated with the lack of raiding and not being able to clear everything in a week and morale was pretty low.

I guess around this time is when I took charge.  We didn’t know when our former raid leader would be back and we needed to raid.  So I sat my hunter out and brought in Loupe to heal while we waited for either the raid leader to come back or another guildie that wanted to heal got to 80.  So far I have actually enjoyed myself trying to lead our raid to victory in Naxx, Malygos and Sarth. 

We will see how it goes from here on out.

In other news, Lorkey has dropped skinning and picked up Enchanting.  I already have enchanting on Loupe, but with only having one person with enchanting that runs raids, we need at least two mains with enchanting so we can DE anything that no one wants.  Plus the extra 64 AP will be very nice! :).  With this change, I will eventually drop enchanting on Loupe and pick up something else.  I am thinking about picking up herbalism so I can give Lorkey another crafting profession, not sure what though.



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