The Hunter

The Hunter

(in the tune of The Trooper by Iron Maiden)
Verse 1:
We are at the boss and it’s time to fight
Arrows are prepped to begin their flight
The boss is not ready for this next attack
We make are stand there is no turning back
The boss charges the fight begins
On this battlefield, we will win!
With our tanks and heals and DPS
We will surely beat him to death
Verse 2:
The battle rages on, we’re losing ground
Moral is faint as he pounds us down
A tank has died to a fatal blow
The healer’s mana is so very low
The light is dim on this final boss
This could become such a tragic loss
But the dim light becomes brighter
Out emerges the guild’s hunter
Verse 3:
The hunter yells out “It’s time to die!”
And sends his pet into claw and bite
His shots sored into the bosses chest
Would this be the end at last?
The boss began to fall to his death
Crashing down and blew his last breath
The raid then began to said in cheer
Time to buy this hunter a nice cold beer!

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