The Tank has Returned!

Song of the Post:  Mors Principium Est -The Unborn

So not a whole lot of WoW going on lately, except that Loupe has been resurrected…

Sort of anyway.  Our guild is still having problems with getting people on for raiding due to the drama from a couple of weeks ago and lack of interest.  I have been trying to level up my Death Knight to make him a tank for some alt runs.  On Friday night, there was enough to do a heroic and most of the people that were going were on their alts.  None of them had a tanking alt, so I told them I would go on my druid and tank.

I was very fearful going into this run.  Ever since I switched my druid to a healer in WOTLK and eventually switching to my hunter, I had not done a whole lot of tanking in this expansion.  I had previously did it twice and both were very bad experiences.  I told my guild previously that I did not want to tank with my druid and after the run on Friday, I have changes my tune :-P.

I had a blast tanking Nexus.  I was able to maintain aggro and we did not wipe once while we were in there.  I had to leave early due to needing to wake up early the next day, but I felt really good after I left and wanted more.  I was one of the main tanks back in BC and it felt like old times being in there tanking again.

So now comes Sunday night.  We had 9 people on to do a possible Naxx run.  about half of the guildies wanted to bring their alts and the officers said “Why not?”  So it turned into an alt run with my druid being one of the tanks.  It took a little while due to having 9 people with mostly undergeared alts, but there was some tanking highlights for me.  The first one was during the Heigan fight.  We had wiped a few times previously due to trying to figure out our different roles for this fight and doing the dance.  During our kill attempt, our main tank went down.  I immediately switched to bear real quick, established aggro, and attempted to figure out the positioning for the four sections right on the spot.  I was successful and we took him down on that try.  I was definitely sweating bullets (Smile with Black Tooth Grin!) and feeling the pressure, but it was well worth it.  The same thing pretty much happened on the Maxxeana fight.  The main tank went down again, I was able to pick him up for the last 20% and killed her.  It was great fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

Now my problem is, do I use my druid, or use the DK?  I still don’t know what to do.  But then again, that’s how my WoW career has been, indecisive.


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