ASUS Laptops Suck!!

Song of the Post:  Minibosses – Punchout

So I haven’t posted anything because my laptop is in the shop :(.

I didn’t realize how much I would miss it.  I do so much on the computer nowadays that I feel like I am walking out of the house with my butt cheeks hangin’ out.  That’s really bad imagery.  Unless you are my wife of course :).

Anyways it of course had to happen when the patch hit.  I came home for lunch like I usually do and figured I would get a head start on the patch download since it always seems like it takes forever to download for me.  I turn on the computer, I hear all the normal sounds it makes, but no picture.  I frowned.  I pouted.  I called ASUS.  They told me my graphics card was bad.  I frowned.  I pouted.  I wept.

So for the immediate future, I won’t be able to play.  Well sort of.  I could borrow my wife’s computer and play if she isn’t using it.  Only problem:  she uses her computer all the time.  I frown.  I pout.  I turn to my Xbox for comfort.  Oh how you comfort me so…ahem.  Excuse me while I cover myself up…

So I have no idea what the new patch is like and its unfortunate.  Most of my guild isn’t playing that much and waiting for the patch.  I have told most of them I am gonna be M.I.A.  Don’t know if they will be able to fill a raid, but I hope they do so the guild continues to progress. 

And I will leave you with this link to a video my friend sent me…hilarious!  Don’t let this happen to you on the job!


2 responses to “ASUS Laptops Suck!!

  1. thats a pity about your Pc – hope it gets better soon! – ( Do they make cards for that..? )
    and that Vid was really full on – normally those sorts of vids just stop after a few examples.. don’t they know that scare tactics do not work

    • Yeah I hope it gets better too :(. I guess we shall find out since I sent the laptop back to the manufactuer. But at least I can play on my wife’s computer for the time being :).

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