Action Jackson Has No Action :(

Song of the Post:  In Flames – Bullet Ride

I finally got the patch updated on my wife’s computer, but I still haven’t seen the inside of Ulduar yet.

It has been really hard since I have no computer.  My wife and I basically share her laptop now and she likes to be on it a lot, so I get very limited time with it.  So being the gamer that I am, I can’t just not play anything!  So I have been playing a lot of Xbox games that I have been meaning to catch up with and it has actually be refreshing.  For 4 years, 90% of my gaming time is with WoW and the other 10% is either the Xbox, Wii or whatever else I am into at the time.  I was tossing around the idea of completely quitting WoW, but I actually like this new set up.  Splitting up my time between other gaming outlets has actually helped keep my desire to play WoW.  I don’t feel as burned out as I used to.  Of course not having my lapout helps my desire since, with most people, once you don’t have access to something, you want it more!

I was able to log into the game on Saturday night though.  I set up my hunter and druid with their new specs, installed mods that my wife doesn’t use and bought dual spec for my druid. 

“Wait!  I thought your hunter was your main?!  Why didn’t you give him dual spec?!”

A few reasons actually.  I thought it made more sense for the time being that my druid should have it since he can changes roles significantly as opposed to my hunter where I could go from my DPS spec to my…DPS spec :-P.  The other reason is that it is possible that I maybe bring my druid to Ulduar when we start running it.  We maybe short on tanks or possibly need 3 healers this time instead of two.  But all of that is going to depend on group makeup.  So we shall see how it goes.

One of the main reasons I logged on Saturday was that we were possibly going to see the inside of Ulduar.  I was pretty pumped since my wife was going to be gone for the night so I was going to have the computer all night.  Once I got everything set up and looked to see who was on, there were only 4 raiders online.  I was sad, but I figured we could at least do a 5 man since I wanted to try either tanking with the new Savage Defense or Survival with Black Arrow and see what that is about.  I called up one of my buddies to get online and we headed to Halls of Lightning with my Hunter.

I tried Survival pre 3.1 and had mixed results with it.  It is definitely the highest DPS spec, but watching for procs really annoys me.  I would rather have control of all the stuff I can do and not rely on the RNG.  I think that is why I really like the Marksman tree because its all shots and I just have to know when the cooldown is up.  But here is what I noticed so far with Survival:

  • Lock and Loaded doesn’t seem to proc as much anymore.  Maybe I wasn’t paying attention as much on this run, but I didn’t see it a whole lot
  • Black Arrow is pretty cool, except its on a 24 hour cooldown.  I found that trying to use this spell on trash is a no go.
  • Seemed like I was doing about the same amount of damage pre 3.1.  The second boss we did, I ended up with 3100 DPS.
  • Sniper Training was something I wasnt sure of at first, but after seeing it in action, definitely an awesome talent to pick up
  • Maybe I am just used to Marksman and even though I had replenishment up all the time, I seemed to be running out of mana quick.  Maybe its the way I am playing, but I will have to try out Marksman at some point to see if there are differences.

We were able to complete the run in 35 min, which is pretty damn quick!  After we completed that, I logged off and told them to call me if more people showed up.  I did not hear back from them, so no Ulduar for me :(.  Maybe sometime this week we can get in there.

Laptop update:  Its at the manufactuer.  I forgot to ask them how long it was going to take, so hopefully it wont be longer than a week.  We shall see.


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