Oh yeah…

Song of the Post:  Black Sabbath – The Sign of the Southern Cross

Why hello again 🙂

Yeah I know, I haven’t logged an entry in a while.  I know you wanna beat me down to a bloody pulp for not keeping up with this blog.  But there has been some things going on!

First off bad news.  I STILL haven’t gotten my laptop yet :(.  I actually called them today to complain about how long it was taking.  They said 8-10 weeks from when I shipped it instead of 4-6.  The motherboard needed is still out of stock so they are waiting for it to come in.  It’s still one of the reasons I am being held back from playing.  Hopefully I can get it back soon.

Whenever I have gotten the laptop from my wife to play, it has been OK as far as logging in and wanting to play.  I have, and still kinda am, getting burned out from WoW.  However I have so many friends on my server that I want to keep playing just so I can stay in contact with them and play this game with them.  So that hasn’t really changed.  However the guild I am in has changed.  There hasn’t been as many people online to do 10 man raids and due to a player leaving the server, we decided to merge with the guild we had an alliance with before in our 25 mans. 

It’s not entirely the same guild as most of the main players left to form a new guild so they would have control.  Their old guild leader never logged on and if something wanted to be changed in the guild, they wouldn’t be able to since he never logged on.  So they formed Eye for an Eye.  So to the delight of their guild leader, who before even joining his old guild wanted us to either join our old guild or have us join him, finally got what he wanted.

For the most part everyone is happy with the new transition.  People who wanted to raid are now raiding and raids are scheduled.  My only concern right now is since we joined, their has been about 15-18 people signing up for the 10 man raids.  Certain people are getting left out and not everyone is getting into raids.  So I need to make a suggestion to the raid leaders to either make 2 10 man raids or concentrate on 25 man raiding since their numbers are going up.  Hopefully a solution will be made since I wont be able to communicate as much to the leadership.

Its definitely sad that we are no longer in Team Attractive.  Loved the name and loved the how well our group worked together.  But I think if we didn’t do anything soon, a lot of people would of ended up quitting the game or leaving the guild.  Its also hard going from being an officer/GM to just one of the guildies.  It was really nice having a council of officers and no GM.  But I think this will be for the better for everyone.  We will have to wait and see.



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