The Hunter

The Hunter

(in the tune of The Trooper by Iron Maiden)
Verse 1:
We are at the boss and it’s time to fight
Arrows are prepped to begin their flight
The boss is not ready for this next attack
We make are stand there is no turning back
The boss charges the fight begins
On this battlefield, we will win!
With our tanks and heals and DPS
We will surely beat him to death
Verse 2:
The battle rages on, we’re losing ground
Moral is faint as he pounds us down
A tank has died to a fatal blow
The healer’s mana is so very low
The light is dim on this final boss
This could become such a tragic loss
But the dim light becomes brighter
Out emerges the guild’s hunter
Verse 3:
The hunter yells out “It’s time to die!”
And sends his pet into claw and bite
His shots sored into the bosses chest
Would this be the end at last?
The boss began to fall to his death
Crashing down and blew his last breath
The raid then began to said in cheer
Time to buy this hunter a nice cold beer!

Character Theme Songs

Song of the Post: Marty Friedman – Fuel Injection Stingray

So I just couldn’t resist posting on this topic from Blog Azeroth!  These are probably going to be more based on the actual music more than their meaning since I am not a huge lyrics person.  Its hard to choose just one song, but I will try.

Loupe:  Manowar – Warriors of the World United.  This is what I hear in my head when I am ready to start tanking an instance.  Its got a march theme to it and just gets me pumped before a raid.  Lyrics are kinda corny, but it also fits with Warcraft at the same time.  STAND AND FIGHT TOGETHER!

Lorkey:  Iron Maiden – Be Quick or Be Dead.  The title says it all.  Fits perfectly with my PvP centric hunter.  Fast paced, adrenaline rush type of music.

Surprised?  Metal songs for my characters?  Nooooooo Really?!

Brutally Honest

Song of the Post: Arch Enemy – Revolution Begins

So yes, I have started this blog and I already screwed up.

I broke one of the rules when starting a blog that I need to have a subject for my blog.  Whether it be about a specific class, RPing, PvP, or whatever.  My blog?  Its just about WoW in general, my thoughts about WoW and the stuff I am doing in game I suppose.

When I was considering making a blog, I did not want to pigeon hole myself into a specific class.  I mean I love my druid, don’t get me wrong, but there are plenty of druid specific blogs out there that I do not need to do that.  I do have a new 70 hunter that I have been playing mostly as of late, however it is an alt and, again, plenty of great hunter blogs out there.

So besides my thoughts and opinions on classes and WoW in general, the thing I thought of that I could bring to the table is my passion for music.  If I am not on Vent, I have my music blaring through my headphones.  PvPing while the heavy riffs of In Flames, Pantera, Megadeth or Iron Maiden are blasting in my ears gets me pumped!  Of course I listen to some other genres, but metal is what flows through my blood.  So I thought, why not combined WoW and music?  Hence the name of my blog.

Will this mean i will be making music that is WoW themed?  Possibly.  I play the guitar so anything is possible.  Could be parodies, could be original music, who knows?  At this point, I am having fun writing this blog and I am just going to go with the flow.  Hopefully I can get access to a free photo editing program so I can put some pictures up and a logo.

Character Sheet:

  • Loupe is just sitting around Shat, doing nothing really.  He really wants to tank something, but alas, the guild is still on a raiding hiatus.  He wants to break some faces!!
  • Lorkey purchased his S3 Axe last night!  So far he has the S2 shoulders and crossbow.  Hopefully he will be able to get the Guardian’s belt at some point this weekend
  • Lorccan has been getting a lot of attention lately due to the Refer-A-Friend program.  He hit 32 last night along with his wifey mage Squirtie.  Now that he is starting to go deeper in the shadow tree, it is getting a lot of fun!  The leveling rate is going super fast and he hopes to be 60 soon so he can melt faces in the Outlands.  Brutal.
  • And good ol’ Wrathbringer, hasn’t been logged into in a long time ::cries::.  R.I.P bud!

Just remember, The Duncan will awake you from a thousand deaths!  Seriously.