Oh yeah…

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Why hello again ūüôā

Yeah I know, I haven’t logged an entry in a while.¬† I know you wanna beat me down to a bloody pulp for not keeping up with this blog.¬† But there has been some things going on!

First off bad news.¬† I STILL haven’t gotten my laptop yet :(.¬† I actually called them today to complain about how long it was taking.¬† They said 8-10 weeks from when I shipped it instead of 4-6.¬† The motherboard needed is still out of stock so they are waiting for it to come in.¬† It’s still one of the reasons I am being held back from playing.¬† Hopefully I can get it back soon.

Whenever I have gotten the laptop from my wife to play, it has been OK as far as logging in and wanting to play.¬† I have, and still kinda am,¬†getting burned out from WoW.¬† However I have so many friends on my server that I want to keep playing just so I can stay in contact with them and play this game with them.¬† So that hasn’t really changed.¬† However the guild I am in has changed.¬† There hasn’t been as many people online to do 10 man raids and due to a player leaving the server, we decided to merge with the guild we¬†had an alliance with before in our 25 mans.¬†

It’s not entirely the same guild as most of the main players left to form a new guild so they would have control.¬† Their old guild leader never logged on and if something wanted to be changed in the guild, they wouldn’t be able to since he never logged on.¬† So they formed Eye for an Eye.¬† So to the delight of their guild leader, who before even joining his old guild wanted us to either join our old guild or have us join him, finally got what he wanted.

For the most part everyone is happy with the new transition.  People who wanted to raid are now raiding and raids are scheduled.  My only concern right now is since we joined, their has been about 15-18 people signing up for the 10 man raids.  Certain people are getting left out and not everyone is getting into raids.  So I need to make a suggestion to the raid leaders to either make 2 10 man raids or concentrate on 25 man raiding since their numbers are going up.  Hopefully a solution will be made since I wont be able to communicate as much to the leadership.

Its definitely sad that we are no longer in Team Attractive.¬† Loved the name and loved the how well our group worked together.¬† But I think if we didn’t do anything soon, a lot of people would of ended up quitting the game or leaving the guild.¬† Its also hard going from being an officer/GM to just one of the guildies.¬† It was really nice having a council of officers and no GM.¬† But I think this will be for the better for everyone.¬† We will have to wait and see.



The Tank has Returned!

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So not a whole lot of WoW going on lately, except that Loupe has been resurrected…

Sort of anyway.  Our guild is still having problems with getting people on for raiding due to the drama from a couple of weeks ago and lack of interest.  I have been trying to level up my Death Knight to make him a tank for some alt runs.  On Friday night, there was enough to do a heroic and most of the people that were going were on their alts.  None of them had a tanking alt, so I told them I would go on my druid and tank.

I was very fearful going into this run.  Ever since I switched my druid to a healer in WOTLK and eventually switching to my hunter, I had not done a whole lot of tanking in this expansion.  I had previously did it twice and both were very bad experiences.  I told my guild previously that I did not want to tank with my druid and after the run on Friday, I have changes my tune :-P.

I had a blast tanking Nexus.  I was able to maintain aggro and we did not wipe once while we were in there.  I had to leave early due to needing to wake up early the next day, but I felt really good after I left and wanted more.  I was one of the main tanks back in BC and it felt like old times being in there tanking again.

So now comes Sunday night.¬† We had 9 people on to do a possible Naxx run.¬† about half of the guildies wanted to bring their alts and the officers said “Why not?”¬† So it turned into an alt run with my druid being one of the tanks.¬† It took a little while due to having 9 people with mostly undergeared alts, but there was some tanking highlights for me.¬† The first one was during the Heigan fight.¬† We had wiped a few times previously due to trying to figure out our different roles for this fight and doing the dance.¬† During our kill attempt, our main tank went down.¬† I immediately switched to bear real quick, established aggro, and attempted to figure out the positioning for the four sections right on the spot.¬† I was successful and we took him down on that try.¬† I was definitely sweating bullets (Smile with Black Tooth Grin!) and feeling the pressure, but it was well worth it.¬† The same thing pretty much happened on the Maxxeana fight.¬† The main tank went down again, I was able to pick him up for the last 20% and killed her.¬† It was great fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

Now my problem is, do I use my druid, or use the DK?¬† I still don’t know what to do.¬† But then again, that’s how my WoW career has been, indecisive.


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I have been M.I.A. for a while.  There has been a lot going on lately in game and out, so I have a lot to talk about!

In my quick update, I mentioned I was dealing with some guild drama.  It looks to be solved right now and I am glad it is done and over with.  We had 2 guildies that we were having problems with two different issues.  We will give them the names Bob and Tom (no relation to the radio show :-P). 

Bob was one of our tanks and was a really good player.¬† He came into our guild a couple of months before Wrath came out and was a neighbor to one of our friends.¬† He is Mr.¬†Achieveables (or achievements)¬† and is obsessed with trying to get them all.¬† Now if that is what someone wants to do with their playing time, that’s fine.¬† You are paying for this game, so do what you want.¬† However, when Bob came into the guild, we told him that we are casual and raid whenever we get the people on.¬† We are not interested in maxing out, just do the raids and have fun and that we are not interested in expanding.¬† We just want to play with our RL friends.¬†

Well since we have cleared everything except for 3D sarth, he has been pushing to do achievements related to these instances.¬† The majority of us don’t really care to do them and, for example, do not want to tell 2 people that they have to sit out of a raid because someone wants to do 8 man Naxx.¬† He also attempted to try and convince the officers of the guild to merger with the guild that we had an alliance with and were doing 25 man raids with.¬† None of us wanted that because we wanted to keep our tight knit group and we did not feel the need that a merger was necessary.¬† After all of that, he decides to try and schedule “hard runs” without telling anyone and inviting only certain people.¬† This made the officers angry and trying to pull people from the guild without talking it over with everyone was not cool.¬† So after telling him that we were not happy about this, the next day he quits the guild.¬† I have no hard feelings about it and wish him luck with the guild we have an alliance with.¬† It was clear that he wanted more out of the game then we did, so it is for the best I think that he moved on.

Now Tom is the person that I had the big issue with.¬† He came into the¬†before Bob did, but unlike¬†Bob, he was a new player and a friend of a friend of someone in the guild that doesn’t play anymore.¬† He eventually leveled him to 80 after we had Naxx on farm and was asking about trying out raiding.¬† We said of course and had him on a few runs.¬† After those few runs,¬†I noticed something about him that started to bother¬†me.¬† His attitude.¬† If something went¬†wrong during the run, he would start getting very angry at a screw.¬† In particular, he would do this on our 25 man raids with¬†the other guild.¬† I had talked to him once before that¬†he needed to calm down¬†and that it is just a game.¬† We are gonna wipe sometimes.¬†However Tom did not make any improvements and continued to be an asshat.¬†

The way we handled the next course of actions, I was not too proud of myself for.  But the next day after he blew up at one of the officers was the last straw.  We just gkicked him, telling him in guild chat that he was no longer needed and that his attitude had not improved.  We did not give him any chance to respond and started cheering while we were in vent.  It was after talking with one of the officers that we handled that situation very poorly.  Very immature to say the least.  So after a few days to where I could collect my thoughts, I talked to him about why we kicked him and he was able to tell me how he felt and thats all he wanted was someone to talk to.  He was thinking about leaving anyways knowing that he wasnt a great fit for our guild.  So at least it ended nicely between him and I.

Which leads me to why I haven’t been post a whole lot lately.¬† The whole situation above really dread playing the game and did not want to log on at all.¬† I was seriously thinking about cancelling my account thinking about the last 4 years of playing this game.¬† The fact that, I have been playing this game for so long!¬† But I think in the end, I just needed to take a break.¬† I had been playing way too much and neglecting things I could do in real life like, hangout with my wife and my friends.¬† So I have been cutting back a bit and leveling up my death knight.¬† Right now he is level 75 and I have been blowing through these levels, averaging about 4 hours a level.

With cutting back on my playing time, maybe I will have more time to actually write in this blog too :-P.

Guild Drama and Alts

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So a lot has been going on with me in the game and I have been trying to figure out what I should do.¬† Per the titles of my post…


So currently we have been having a problem in my guild with doing raids.¬† As I said in my update, this is the 3rd week in a row that we have skipped Malygos since we killed him the first time.¬† I know some of it has to do with that being a smaller guild, if some people are busy then we cant raid.¬† I don’t blame any of those people because RL comes first.¬† It is just a bummer since I don’t get to do a whole lot now.

However, one of our main tanks has become frustrated with this more than me to the point where he wants to go to a different guild or transfer his toon back to where it came from.¬† He told me last night that he does not think with the way we have been raiding that we would be prepared for Ulduar and that we wont be geared.¬† This statement I had to disagree with.¬† Back in BC, we always had very weird group make ups and managed to clear Kara.¬† Most of our characters are pretty well geared right now so I don’t think we will have a problem.

The idea got thrown around about merging with another guild on our server that we have pretty good ties with right now.  Everyone that I talked to last night wouldnt mind merging with them, but after thinking about it, I really think we should just do our own thing and make a guild alliance with them to do 25 mans.  But we are still trying to figure out what we all really wanna do.  Hopefully the main tank I was talking about wont leave and try to work this out.

So because there has been some down time…


I have been working on a ton of alts as of late.¬† I don’t really do the achievement thing too much and I really want to try out all of the classes because who knows? ¬†I may find a different class that I like better.¬† Currently I have been working on my 70 DK, 62 Mage, 61 Priest, 22 Shaman, 20 Warrior and 8 Paladin.¬† My 3 high level characters I play with one of my buddies depending on which ones have full rest XP.¬† The Shaman and Warrior I have been leveling by myself and the Paladin I am going to be leveling him up whenever my buddy and my bro want to play together.

I am actually more excited about my shaman and warrior than the other classes I have.  I have always wanted a shaman but just never gotten around to leveling one.  I just think a resto shaman is pretty beastly and enhancement is fun to level so far now that water shield is available at 20.  The warrior is pretty interesting because I am gonna try to level as prot!  And currently I am able to survive and kill stuff faster right now that I was in fury.  The changes they made to this tree are crazy and you can spec your character right so it can be a viable leveling spec.  Pretty cool stuff.

Hopefully more good news to follow this mudane post, after all, this is suppose to be burtal!!!

I will update on the guild situation as it develops.

Quick Update

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Haven’t really posted anything but thought I would do something quick:

  1. Tried out Survival, didn’t really get the hang of it and went back to MM.¬†
  2. Got a new helm and boots from Naxx
  3. Cleared everything except for Malygos this week, 2nd week in a row that we skipped him ūüė¶
  4. With the downtime, I have been leveling two of my alts.  Bludburn my DK that is now 69 and my mage Wrathinator at 61.  Having fun with both of them.
  5. My brother is 80 so he can start raiding his mage with us in Naxx which will be very cool.

Peace. \m/

Ba Ba Booie

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Well we downed Saph and Kel, no helm or gun :(.  Oh well.

I had been thinking about something that I would wanna try with 4 other people just to see how far we can get.  One of my guildmates and I had talked about it before and it is kinda similar to what Bell had said on her blog, but a step further.

Get a group of 5 together and start at Deadmines or Ragefire (depending on faction).  Start completely naked and work your way up through each dungeon in level order.  Equip any gear that you get during the run whether its greens or blues.  The goal is to see how far you can get without it being a wipefest.  If you wanted to be hardcore about it, you could always say first wipe and you are done.  I think this would be something fun to do and could present itself to be a challenge once you start getting into the higher level dungeons.

Nothing is really going on in game right now.  We are going to attempt to try to take out Sartharion with 3 drakes up over the weekend since it is really the only thing we have not done with 10 man content.  So we shall see how that goes.  But other than that we just have Malygos left to clear.

This weekend I think I may work on my Death Knight Bludburn.¬† He is currently 63 right now and he is sporting Jewelcrafting/Mining professions that I would like to level up.¬† Because of how much content is left to do till Tuesday, there will probably not be much raiding, which is fine.¬† I love working on alts!¬† ūüôā

On a side note, my wife and I are going to a japanesse steakhouse tonight.¬† Hopefully I won’t make my stomach explode after eating so much :-P.¬† Have a great weekend!

3.0.8 Blues and a Pet Idea

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So yesterday the “Hunter Nerf of 2009” hit.¬† All I have to say is, thank god I do not play as BM :-P.

Lorkey is a Marksman hunter.  A few reasons why I went in this direction:

  1. As much as I enjoy having a pet, I hate managing them in dungeons/raids.¬† Maybe its just me being a huntard, but sometimes my pet will grab an extra group due to him being too close to a mob while he is attacking the main mob we are attacking.¬† More on this later…
  2. More interesting shots and shot rotations.¬† When leveling as BM, all I did was send the pet in, Serpent Sting, then just Steady Shot between my auto shots (I still try my best to do this even though Steady Shot doesn’t block the auto shot anymore, old habits don’t die I suppose).¬† Pretty boring if you ask me!¬† Now I have Aimed Shot, a buffed up Arcane Shot, and Chimera Shot which is BA!¬† Its a lot of fun trying to figure out the best way to maximize my DPS between all of these shots and weaving them in and out.
  3. I like the fact that most of the damage comes from myself, because I am selfish like that :-).

But back to my first point above.¬† I have an idea for Blizzard in regards to pet management.¬† They should add a box shaped button on the pet bar that has an arrow pointing out on all 4 sides.¬† These directions would indicate where your pet should position itself when attacking.¬† This way, you have control of where your pet should be and to avoid the pet being close to either patrols or the next group.¬† I don’t know if that would be too complicated of a button to implement into the game, but it was just an idea.

Hopefully this week I can either get the T7 Helm or the Gun from Kel!  All we have left is Saph and Kel in Naxx.  Wish me luck!