Action Jackson Has No Action :(

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I finally got the patch updated on my wife’s computer, but I still haven’t seen the inside of Ulduar yet.

It has been really hard since I have no computer.  My wife and I basically share her laptop now and she likes to be on it a lot, so I get very limited time with it.  So being the gamer that I am, I can’t just not play anything!  So I have been playing a lot of Xbox games that I have been meaning to catch up with and it has actually be refreshing.  For 4 years, 90% of my gaming time is with WoW and the other 10% is either the Xbox, Wii or whatever else I am into at the time.  I was tossing around the idea of completely quitting WoW, but I actually like this new set up.  Splitting up my time between other gaming outlets has actually helped keep my desire to play WoW.  I don’t feel as burned out as I used to.  Of course not having my lapout helps my desire since, with most people, once you don’t have access to something, you want it more!

I was able to log into the game on Saturday night though.  I set up my hunter and druid with their new specs, installed mods that my wife doesn’t use and bought dual spec for my druid. 

“Wait!  I thought your hunter was your main?!  Why didn’t you give him dual spec?!”

A few reasons actually.  I thought it made more sense for the time being that my druid should have it since he can changes roles significantly as opposed to my hunter where I could go from my DPS spec to my…DPS spec :-P.  The other reason is that it is possible that I maybe bring my druid to Ulduar when we start running it.  We maybe short on tanks or possibly need 3 healers this time instead of two.  But all of that is going to depend on group makeup.  So we shall see how it goes.

One of the main reasons I logged on Saturday was that we were possibly going to see the inside of Ulduar.  I was pretty pumped since my wife was going to be gone for the night so I was going to have the computer all night.  Once I got everything set up and looked to see who was on, there were only 4 raiders online.  I was sad, but I figured we could at least do a 5 man since I wanted to try either tanking with the new Savage Defense or Survival with Black Arrow and see what that is about.  I called up one of my buddies to get online and we headed to Halls of Lightning with my Hunter.

I tried Survival pre 3.1 and had mixed results with it.  It is definitely the highest DPS spec, but watching for procs really annoys me.  I would rather have control of all the stuff I can do and not rely on the RNG.  I think that is why I really like the Marksman tree because its all shots and I just have to know when the cooldown is up.  But here is what I noticed so far with Survival:

  • Lock and Loaded doesn’t seem to proc as much anymore.  Maybe I wasn’t paying attention as much on this run, but I didn’t see it a whole lot
  • Black Arrow is pretty cool, except its on a 24 hour cooldown.  I found that trying to use this spell on trash is a no go.
  • Seemed like I was doing about the same amount of damage pre 3.1.  The second boss we did, I ended up with 3100 DPS.
  • Sniper Training was something I wasnt sure of at first, but after seeing it in action, definitely an awesome talent to pick up
  • Maybe I am just used to Marksman and even though I had replenishment up all the time, I seemed to be running out of mana quick.  Maybe its the way I am playing, but I will have to try out Marksman at some point to see if there are differences.

We were able to complete the run in 35 min, which is pretty damn quick!  After we completed that, I logged off and told them to call me if more people showed up.  I did not hear back from them, so no Ulduar for me :(.  Maybe sometime this week we can get in there.

Laptop update:  Its at the manufactuer.  I forgot to ask them how long it was going to take, so hopefully it wont be longer than a week.  We shall see.


The Tank has Returned!

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So not a whole lot of WoW going on lately, except that Loupe has been resurrected…

Sort of anyway.  Our guild is still having problems with getting people on for raiding due to the drama from a couple of weeks ago and lack of interest.  I have been trying to level up my Death Knight to make him a tank for some alt runs.  On Friday night, there was enough to do a heroic and most of the people that were going were on their alts.  None of them had a tanking alt, so I told them I would go on my druid and tank.

I was very fearful going into this run.  Ever since I switched my druid to a healer in WOTLK and eventually switching to my hunter, I had not done a whole lot of tanking in this expansion.  I had previously did it twice and both were very bad experiences.  I told my guild previously that I did not want to tank with my druid and after the run on Friday, I have changes my tune :-P.

I had a blast tanking Nexus.  I was able to maintain aggro and we did not wipe once while we were in there.  I had to leave early due to needing to wake up early the next day, but I felt really good after I left and wanted more.  I was one of the main tanks back in BC and it felt like old times being in there tanking again.

So now comes Sunday night.  We had 9 people on to do a possible Naxx run.  about half of the guildies wanted to bring their alts and the officers said “Why not?”  So it turned into an alt run with my druid being one of the tanks.  It took a little while due to having 9 people with mostly undergeared alts, but there was some tanking highlights for me.  The first one was during the Heigan fight.  We had wiped a few times previously due to trying to figure out our different roles for this fight and doing the dance.  During our kill attempt, our main tank went down.  I immediately switched to bear real quick, established aggro, and attempted to figure out the positioning for the four sections right on the spot.  I was successful and we took him down on that try.  I was definitely sweating bullets (Smile with Black Tooth Grin!) and feeling the pressure, but it was well worth it.  The same thing pretty much happened on the Maxxeana fight.  The main tank went down again, I was able to pick him up for the last 20% and killed her.  It was great fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

Now my problem is, do I use my druid, or use the DK?  I still don’t know what to do.  But then again, that’s how my WoW career has been, indecisive.

Hammer Smash Faced Sartharion Heroic!

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I dont know if it is sad or BA that we took out Sartharion Heroic with just 10 people.

On Saturday night after I got back from my Valentine’s Day dinner with my lovely wife, we did not have any plans so she caught up on some shows on the DVR and I logged in to see if there was anything going on.  The way our guild does raids is if there are enough people online and the right group make up, we will raid at that point.  Pretty unorganized, I know, but we never know when we will have the people on to do anything.  We had 10 people, 2 healers, 2-3 tanks and the rest DPS.  We were set for a night of killing, crushing and destorying everything!

Lately I have been playing my druid on raids due to the lack of healers we have had online.  One of the tanks on was gracious to let one of his alts come heal so I had a chance to get the gun for my hunter.  I told him I would make sure to switch out back to my druid so he had a chance to get the shield from Malygos if we fought him tonight.  Such a cool dude, thanks Lange!!

Anyways we had a very productive raiding night.  We finished 10 man Naxx with killing Sapphiron and Kel (no gun 😦 oh well).  I switched out to Loupe for Malygos and on our 3rd try we killed him.  We kept wiping on the drake phase, which I need to rant about drake fights at some point.  But we eventually got him down.  No loot upgrades for me, but thats ok because I was glad that we were finally able to get him down again since we had not taken him out since our last attempt.

It was about 11/12 or so and we had cleared all of the 10 man raid content.  We were all pumped that we finally cleared everything since it has been a while.  We were throwing around the idea of trying Heroic Sartharion because there is no enrage timer.  So we said screw it, lets do this!!

We did not need the extra tanks, so Lange and I switched again and I went back to my hunter.  It is pretty much just like 10 man Sarth.  Just more health and harder hits from all the mobs.  I was a little nervous at first when we started the first pull thinking how far are we going to get through this?  Is it going to be Wipefest 2009 or were we going to show this place what skilled players we have in this guild?!  Turns out, the latter was correct, sort of.  It was actually kind of a joke at some points.  It just took a bit more time than it would if you had 25 people in the raid.

Most of trash was the normal tank and spank.  We had a bit of trouble with the two giant mobs at first because of the curse they put on people since it has a chance to heal the mob whenever the player attacks the mob.  Once we got that down, the first drake was super cake.  I mean the kind of cake that melts in your mouth instantly like it just came out of the oven.  Mmmmmm.

We all got our first Emblem of Valor badge and couldnt believe it!  We cleared something that was in a 25 man instance!  We pressed on to the second drake.  This provided a bit of a problem.  Because of the lack of players and meaning the lack of DPS, we were not able to get any eggs down during the portal phase.  All the whelps were out and the tank had the drake and all the whelps.  We yell, “Screw it!  Just AoE the bastards!!”  The strategy actually worked.  We didnt even bother going into the portals.  We just let all the eggs hatch, the tank would grab them all and we would just AoE them down.  It worked very effectively and we got our second Emblem of Valor badge.

Third drake, same story as the first drake.  The cake once again melted in my mouth!  We finished clearing the rest of the trash and we were staring at the 15 million or so HP Sartharion in the face.  We decided to try the same strategy as we do in 10 man Sarth and see how that would hold up. 

We buffed up, everyone was full health/mana, Ready Check was good to go, I had Warriors of the World playing in the background.  IT WAS GO TIME!!

The whole fight took us about 13 minutes to complete.  It was long, but we were able to get through it with only a slight problem.  We were faced with the problem we had with the second drake.  The fire elementals had too much health for us to single target one by one.  For 10 out of the 13 minutes, I did nothing but Volley.  We had one tank on Sarth and one tank holding all of the adds right next to the boss.  Everyone was then being hit by AoEs including Sarth.  We moved whenever the firewall was up and continued to do this until he died!  WE DID IT!!

The funniest part about the instance was I went through an entire bag of ammo from the first drake to the middle of Sarth.  I was unpacking an ammo box in the middle of the Sarth fight and everyone was laughing about it.

Since I have not done any 25 man content in Wrath, it was to my surprise that we got two Tier tokens!  And guess who won one of them? 😉

Thats right!  I was able to get the Tier 7.5 gloves!  Something I did not think I would ever get.  There was some other gear that dropped, but I dont really remember too much of it because of the excitement of killing a 25 man boss with just 10 people.  I know there probably has been plenty of people that have done this before, but I think it is an accomplishment in itself regardless!

The only problem with the whole night is that we did no SS it :(.  So yeah I can hear people saying “No SS, then it didnt happen!”  But they can think what they want.  Just check out the achievements on Lorkey and the other guild members in my guild and there are only 10 people that have it right now.  But it doesnt matter.  It was still a kick ass time and we are planning to do this every week.

Hail Team Attactive and congrats on a job well done!

Yeah I am a slacker!

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So yeah, I haven’t really posted something in a while.  So lets catch up on things…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Ok there we go :-P.  A lot has happened in WoW since the last time I posted so I will break it down.

  • Wrath is finally out (well for 3 months now, but give me a break!) and this expansion is fantastic!  The questing, the zones, the dungeons are way better than Burning Crusade!
  • I now have not just one, but TWO 80s.  Loupe was my first to 80 and it took me about 2 weeks or so to hit that.  Lorkey hit 80 the 1st of the year.
  • I leveled Loupe as Boomkin the entire time and did heroics and some Naxx as Boomkin and eventually went to Resto due to the lack of healers in our guild.  One of my guild mates switched from his warlock to his druid and became Resto as well, so we didn’t need 3 healers (we are doing 10 man content).  Because of the way our guild is set up, we only had 1 ranged DPS.  So I decided to get my hunter to 80 and raid with him.  Lorkey is my current main.
  • As of January 17th, we officially cleared all of the 10 man content!  On Alliance side we were the 5th to clear Naxx and 4th to defeat Malygos on the server.

So its pretty exciting to be playing WoW right now!  I have really been enjoying raiding with the hunter.  Lots of high DPS and its not as boring as it was with my mage with just frostbolt spam (although I am sure spell rotation is different now in WOTLK).  I am currently specced Marksman and really enjoying all that a Marksman brings to a raid. 

Anyways, I hope I will keep up with this blog.  There has been a lot of stuff that I could talk about since Wrath is out now.  Metal it up!

PS:  Anyone who is looking for a cool metal instrumental album, I recommend Jeff Loomis – Zero Order Phase.  Good stuff!

Casting Rebirth on Loupe

Song of the Post:  Trivium – Down from the Sky

So for the past 1-2 months, I have been concentrating on my mage Wrathbringer and rarely logged onto my druid Loupe.  I’ve been having a lot of fun playing on the horde side again with The Green Crusade and raiding BT and SW.  However, it has become clear that I am going to have a hard time balancing between both my Horde and my Alliance characters.  I have been thinking long and hard what I am going to do when WOTLK comes out.  Over the weekend, I made a decision.

I will be leveling on the Alliance side when the xpac comes out.  Now I am not abandoning the Horde side, but I will be leveling up Loupe first to 80. 

I made this decision because of several reasons:

  1. My wife – This was very crucial because I really love playing with her.  It is something that we can do together and spend time with each other.  Now don’t be thinking “geez, Wrath is whipped.”  Well, you are wrong!!  Kinda…. :-P.  She does not have a high level character on the Horde side and she does not really know anyone.  She approached me the other day when I asked her to play some more on the Horde side and she said she likes the guild we are in on the Alliance because its small and she knows everyone because most of them are RL friends.  So this brings me to…
  2. Smaller guild – I actually really like being in a smaller guild.  You know everyone, easier to schedule runs on the fly instead of having sign ups, not having to worry about DKP.  I am also one of the officers of the guild and I really like having this kind of a role in a small guild.  I was really excited when Blizzard first announce WOTLK and mentioned all the raid dungeons would have a 10 man version.  With our small guild, we can actually do some sort of progression instead of just Kara and ZA.
  3. Need to be more Casual – And being with a larger guild, its harder to be involved.  Nothing against the Green Crusade at all because I love all of them, but if you want to raid, you have to be somewhat hardcore between being able to get gear and getting into the raid.  I have to scale back my playing habits a bit because frankly, I play way too much.  So with the smaller guild environment, I can still raid and not have to make attendance or worry about DKP.
  4. Missing the Drood – I have not been super impressed with the Mage changes.  It was a nice change to not have to tank all the time, but after raiding as a mage for a while, I realized that I really love tanking.  Its a lot more exciting than sitting back and just DPSing.  I also dont have to try to compare my DPS to everyone else because that is not my focus.  Even though my mage is well under geared compared to everyone in the guild, I would still get mad at myself for not doing enough DPS.

So I am looking forward to progressing my druid and await for the day of the xpac. 

Currently I am working on getting the Ambassador title for Loupe which hasn’t been too hard at all.  All I need is Exodar and Gnomergan reputation to be exalted.  After that I think I will either work on getting non combat pets or leveling up a shaman as high as I can before my refer-a-friend program ends.

Peace and Hair Grease


Lorccan is 60!

Song of the Post:  Death – Crystal Mountain

So my shadow priest is now the big 60 and it feels great!  I was able to get him to 60 in 2 weeks which is crazy!  Lorccan was the first character to go through the Refer-a-Friend program along with my wife’s fire mage.  She then gave 29 levels (found out its only 29 instead of 30, but who cares?) to my mage, so he is now 57, so i almost got two 60s!  Craziness.

We are now going to start our second set of characters.  We are doing a rogue (me) and a druid (my wife).  I think we should be able to blow through with these characters real quick.  I actually decided to go with a human for a rogue because someone told me for arenas, perception is pretty big.  I definitely did not want to do a NE, so I was going between a human and a dwarf.  And because I hate how the male humans looked, I rolled a female.  So this will be a bit different for me since I have never leveled a female character.

We only played for about 30 min or so and got them to level 6, but I think I will enjoy the rogue.  Should definately be interesting for sure, especially I basically get to play as a better version of cat form.  And of course I can help my wife with her druid since my main is a druid. 

That’s all I got for now.  I am still working on two series that I want to get out.  One is my first attempt at some sort of guide and the other is just something fun.  Hopefully I can get these out soon.

Peace and hair grease.

What to do, what to do

Song of the Post: Apocalyptica – Grace

So I should probably start out with what I am currently doing in the game and what my intentions are with my characters until the expansion comes out.

Currently my tanky tank Loupe is on hiatus until we start getting more of my guild to come on to do Kara or ZA.  There are a lot of people not coming on because, like many other guilds during this time, its summer.  People go out and see the sunlight for a change, which is definately a good thing. I am not so worried about it because I have become a casual player as of late.  Back in the day when it was all about MC and BWL (yeah I have been playing this game for too long!), I would put in 5 hour raid sessions 3-4 times a week.  Not being able to leave during that time?  Massive amounts of hours before and after the raid gathering mats for the raid?  Been there, done that.  My hardcore days are long gone, but maybe in another post I can go into detail about my days pre-BC.

Currently I have been playing my newly level 70 hunter Lorkey.  I leveled this character up mainly to be my gatherer and to possibly have him supply Loupe for the upcoming expansion.  Loupe is an Enchanter/Tailor (yeah yeah I know, a Druid with Tailoring??  WTF??) and I was thinking of dropping Tailoring when the expansion comes out and try out the new Inscription profession.  It definately looks interesting.

But I have found another something to do with my WoW time while we are on a 10-man hiatus: PvP with Lorkey.  Time for some lovely BG chat!

So far, it is definately interesting learning a whole new class, yet also getting into the PvP mindset.  I have always done PvE content since I started playing this game back in April ’05.  So this is a whole new territory for me.  I have gotten him the season 2 shoulders so far and hope to continue upgrading him between BG and Arena gear.  I will be posting updates on my progress with him and possibily how someone can make the transition from doing nothing but PvE content to PvP.

That is all I got for now.  Maybe I will explain what got me to start this blog in the first place.

Also, I thought it would be cool to do a song of the post since I love music.  I must spread the metal!